Volunteering Galore

At TU there are, well, pretty close to a million different volunteering opportunities. So, whether you are inspired by helping out with little kids through Big Brother Big Sister, caring for animals during TU Service Day, or building a house for someone in need through Habitat for Humanity, there is something (or somethings!) for everyone. Last weekend, I decided to go help out with Habitat for Humanity and actually got to build a roof on a house! That someone’s actually going to live under! It was awesome! The people in charge were great about teaching us how to use the equipment, not just doing everything for us. That said, I carried a tool belt and used a nail gun, sawed a board, measured beams, and nailed plywood. I was hot, I was sweaty, and I had the time of my life getting to build a house with friends from TU.

Some students helping out with Habitat for Humanity