Tuesday with Tulsa

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 Guest Blogger: Victoria Hui

Dinner at Tulsa Time Overnight ProgramI can’t believe I had just had my last fall Tulsa Time at TU! For those prospective students who don’t know, Tulsa Time is a two-day program where prospective students can stay overnight on campus to truly experience what TU is all about. There is programming on Sunday and Monday that gives students and parents a glimpse into all the majors, activities, and opportunities that are available on campus. It is my favorite program that I get to be a part of as a University Ambassador. Unfortunately I am not able to host a prospective student, but I still enjoyed being able to talk to them at the various activities.

Sunday I gave a residence hall tour to two students and then enjoyed a delicious dinner at Collins Fitness Center. Dinner was my first chance to really see all the prospective students, as my tour for that day was very small. One of my favorite things to talk about is why I love this school and that’s why I love talking to prospective students. I am from a college town (Fayetteville, AR), so I know the pull a large state school can have, but I also realize the huge values of a small school. TU is truly the perfect balance and I want to stress that to students.

Tulsa Time Overnight Program

It’s been a bittersweet experience being a senior UA, because I think back and remember when I was deciding which college to attend and now I am nearing my departure from TU. Having had almost four years on campus, I can see the impact TU has had on me. The feelings of picking a college and deciding post-college life are about the same: nervous for the future, unsure of the right decision, and anxious that everything will work out.

As much as I hope to make an impression on prospective students, they make an impression on me! I love to hear what they like so far about TU and their thoughts on our school. I was able to video a couple of prospectives and loved hearing that they already saw the community aspect of TU. After the dinner and comedian special last night, I went to a friend’s apartment and hung out with prospective students and watched Once Upon a Time. I love that TU is so community oriented that a prospective student even feels like a real student.

I will say the best part of Tulsa Time was a student I met who had to bring his class project with him to the events. He was a local Tulsa high school senior and was in charge of a robotic baby for 30 hours and it just happened to fall during Tulsa Time. As we ate dinner, he fed and burped his baby! That is true dedication to a class project and something I have never seen at Tulsa Time, let alone campus. There was also a live game of Pac Man at dinner. One guy was Pac Man and there were three ghosts; the ghosts wove through the tables attempting to catch Pac Man, but thankfully Pac Man succeeded in alluding them!

Tulsa Time Pac Man

I think the best things I heard was how Tulsa Time was changing students’ minds about TU. Before they were unsure if this was the right choice, but afterward they were more clear on what they wanted.As I talked with more prospective students at lunch today, I realized how much I wanted to see all these students at campus next semester and then quickly realized I won’t even be here! It is early in the college process, but when I was a senior in high school, I had decided by this point on TU. In no means should anyone rush through the decision, but to have all your applications submitted and at least an idea of the school that’s right for you is a huge stress reliever during your last high school year.

All in all I hope all the prospective students out there enjoyed Tulsa Time! I hope that it solidified your decision on TU. I only wish that I was able to be in that same position and attend TU for four more years! Get Golden everyone!