Under the Radar and Over The Moon… A Mom’s Take on TU

FlowersToday’s Tuesday with Tulsa post comes to us from Palmer R., TU mom and Chicago resident.

I’ll admit bias right off the bat – our family loves TU! We first came for Junior Visit Day on Spring Break 2013. Tulsa was stop #6 on a college-of-the-day road trip that started in Chicago. The car felt smaller each day, probably because it was filling up with brochures. But despite fatigue and claustrophobia, we were immediately revived by the beauty of the TU campus. Of course, we hadn’t spent endless hours trapped in a car just to see a lovely campus. We arrived knowing little about TU, but our son’s high school counselor had said we might be surprised by what it has to offer. So there we were. And if we were looking for reasons NOT to like TU, we never found them. We were amazed by the strong academics, and also by the many ways in which undergrads can participate and have an impact – opportunities we hadn’t seen on other tours.

Tom decided that TU was it! But we wanted him to return for Tulsa Time in February to be sure. With some colleges, once you are admitted the outreach ends. Not at Tulsa. And that matters. There’s something about coming to campus and feeling like they want you to be there. I don’t think he unrolled his sleeping bag, but he experienced TU as a student – visiting a class, eating in the dining hall  – free of hovering parents! When he got home it was zzzz…before we got to hear about the great time he had.

TomHis dad and I could not resist the chance for our own second look, so the three of us came for Preview TU in April. There were flowers blooming on campus, and after the ghastly Chicago winter I was almost in tears – and not because of allergies. We met so many awesome students and staff! And we got an in-depth look at the seemingly endless ways to engage and excel at TU. One of our guides was the Student Ambassador who hosted Tom in February so it was like a reunion. Finally, Tom met with his academic advisor to schedule classes. (Can you say… rigorous? Alas, college can’t be all entertainment and sleep!) Preview Day was over all too soon. As we passed the pristine football field we decided we had to walk onto it and yell “GO ‘CANES!” Suddenly, a Cushman utility truck pulled up and I thought we were in big trouble. Instead we were offered a tip on taking the best pictures. This is just one example of TU’s friendly atmosphere and I just know Tom is going to have a great four years.

Here’s the Top Ten Things I forgot to ask on campus:

10. If mascot Goldie has puppies, can we have one?
9.  Who has seen the ghost in McFarlin Library?
8.  Are those towers under construction actually set pieces for the next Lord of The Rings film?
7. Why are all the size small t-shirts sold out in the bookstore?
6. Has anyone ever put a Golden Hurricane t–shirt on the Golden Driller statue?
5. What is a Golden Hurricane?
4. What is a Golden Driller?
3. Can I try the drill simulator?
2. Who got the last “TU MOM” button – and would she consider a trade for an unopened spf-30 lip balm?

And the #1 question we should have asked is…

1. How soon should we reserve our hotel for graduation 2018?!