Pickle Olympics

TU Community
 This week’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog comes from Professor Charles M. Wood from the Collins College of Business and provides a glimpse into the marketing program at The University of Tulsa. 

Ever had trouble opening a pickle jar? Well, last spring, marketing students experienced this and more – from the perspective of being a senior citizen! One of their marketing class sessions was devoted to a relay-type race called the “Pickle Olympics” where each student donned a tie-dye jacket, translucent glasses, and clumsy gloves then attempted one of 30 challenges.

Challenges included finding the proper medication on a table full of pill bottles, opening a band-aid and applying it properly, dispensing a precise amount of water using a measuring cup, and the finale of course – required them to open a pickle jar with their large gloves already smeared with hand lotion.

The learning objective of the Pickle Olympics was to develop a sense of empathy among the students and help them discover new product ideas for the senior market not considered before.

A student’s experience with everyday activities is very different from an elderly person’s, mainly due to differences in physical strength, vision, and mobility. The marketing students came away from this experience with a fresh perspective – and a long list of new product ideas designed to assist senior consumers with everyday hassles!

For more information, please visit www.utulsa.edu/studioblue and www.novafellowship.org.