My TU Story…

photo 1Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post comes to us from Caitriona Gannon Harris., a TU graduate with a B.S.(1996) and M.S. (1997) in communicative disorders. She is currently the Reach Coordinator and Writing Instructor for Monte Cassino Elementary School in Tulsa.

I wish I could report that when it came to going to college, I was a decisive person.  I was not.  Rather, I attended large, state universities before I returned to my own backyard to complete my undergraduate degree and then pursue my graduate degree in Communication Disorders at the University of Tulsa.  My decision to attend TU has helped pave a life path that has been full of opportunity, support and pride.

Tulsa is a special city with a delicate education system.  Receiving educational training at TU exposed me to the structures and challenges in our local public and private schools.  Once I graduated, I felt armed and confident as I worked with children with language weaknesses in various Tulsa schools.  I have remained secure in my skills largely because the faculty at the Mary K. Chapman Center for Communicative Disorders are so close and remain accessible for a quick phone call or email.

The university continues to reach out to me in social and in professional ways.  I graduated in 1997 and still enjoy Golden Hurricane functions.  I have attended athletic events, concerts, picnics, continuing education opportunities and countless other gatherings.  My solid connection to TU has provided me with resources and with an appreciation for providing and giving support to students in my classes.  Mirroring the interest and appreciation shown to me by TU helps me support and connect to the young scholars in my classroom.

As I work locally at Monte Cassino, I enjoy demonstrating my Hurricane pride.  I relish in telling students of my time at TU, of my professors and of my life-long friends whom I still love.  I believe schools are special places.  They are powerful and should be positive, inspiring and accessible.  The University Tulsa was that school for me.  In my effort to reciprocate, I aim to make all schools just as special as the University of Tulsa.