(Golden) Mobile Moments

I’m Hillary (a different one), and I’m a sophomore Energy Management student from Parker, CO.

I thought I’d share some Golden TU experiences through pictures I’ve taken on my phone [and stories to go with!]

Since you don’t know me, I’m sure you won’t mind if some of these pictures are old, right? Also, I got a new phone recently, so you may see dramatic changes in picture quality!

Don’t Stop Believing Sign

 This is the stop sign at the corner of Fisher Hall. Enough said.

Group at Jordan’s house

Last year, there was a meteor shower. We all carpooled out to a friend’s house that had a big, dark backyard, and her parents made us cider and hot chocolate and we all went outside with blankets and watched them for almost an hour!

Stat ClassThis was a night we got our tests back, and I got an A (yes!). I was also on an Arizona Tea kick so it was a good night! Having a once a week night class has upsides and downsides, but I would mostly say that night class is a great idea. It keeps the day open for other classes that are required, and makes your week not feel so overwhelming. This semester I am taking 19 hours, and one of those hours as a night class really helps space out my week better, because goodness knows I need as much time as I can get.

Pie Joust Picture

This is a picture of some of my friends from the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries). We held a fundraiser for a friend who was going on a mission trip to China over Christmas break where we got to throw whipped cream at each other… It was actually a pie jousting event, where we rode bicycles and threw pies in a school parking lot. The best part was some people (picture) spent a few hours the day before to create cardboard armor to wear for it. My boyfriend, the one on the bottom middle, won the tournament and still has his armor in the closet at his apartment. See it in action here!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwdLQ26ZQ_c  [P.S. John doesn’t normally look like that, that was his Halloween costume. :)]

Study Outside A few weeks ago, it was almost 70 degrees outside! I needed to make some flashcards so I just took my notes out onto the U and studied for about an hour. It was wonderful!

Crayon craft A la Pinterest, my friend Cayli and I attempted the crayon melting craft after break…This was Cayli’s first attempt. Clearly we are not as skilled as those with the idealized ones. (maybe Photoshopped?). We got better with time, though! Our advice on the hair dryer: high heat, LOW fan! Also, leave them in the wrappers. It creates a better flow!

Study Inside

I had a huge test in Sedimentary Rocks and Processes a few weeks ago, so I tried to make studying as fun as possible:  I rewarded myself for questions I got right on practice tests with a peanut butter M&M, and had a giant cherry Dr. Pepper (courtesy of QT). I am proud to report that the brain food combined with color-coded notes led to an A on the test!

Cheese Fries Yeah. What is this? Cheese Fries at The Brook. How do you eat this? Carefully. The picture does not do justice to the magnitude of this pile. It was also served with a knife, if that tells you anything.


I hope this gives a little glimpse of the types of things I see every day! I realized that none of these pictures had me in them….awkward. I hope everyone is okay with me posting their pictures up here!

Hope to see you here at TU!

-Hillary S.