From Me to You

What up internet peoples. Nice to know you found TU’s Admission blog (with relative ease I hope.) I’ll just introduce myself since I’m a noob in the blog business. My name is Zack  and I’m a sophomore here at TU. My major has recently changed to Nursing (hecks yeah!!!) and I’m involved with quite a lot on campus. But I won’t bore you with the specifics.

Let’s see…well classes started a little over a month ago and the first round of exams hit pretty hard for everyone. Let’s face it; we all love our classes and professors until that first test. Then when you realize you should have been studying instead of watching Two and a Half Men or Glee.

I don’t want to take all your time, so I’ll wrap it up for this first entry. From time to time, I’ll update you on what’s happening on campus, and even in my collegiate life. I’ll also try to leave a vid or pics. The Grand Opening of our new Lorton Performance Center took place a couple weeks ago. So enjoy the video as I pay homage to the fine arts. Until next time…



What are TU students like?

I get this question a lot. The answer comes quickly… diverse. ambitious. forward-thinking. Those are the kinds of students I work with every year, and those are the kinds of students who choose to enroll at TU.

Our campus is diverse in that we have students from all of the country and all over the world. The majority of our students come from outside of the state of Oklahoma, and 19% of this year’s freshmen class is international.

Our students are ambitious. They tend to have multiple interests. They double major or pick up a few minors or complete certificate programs. They study abroad and participate in research projects. They join clubs and organizations, serve as leaders, and volunteer in the community. Their schedules and accomplishments are impressive.

Finally, our students are forward-thinking. This is the university for students who want to change the world and are eager to get started. This concept of forward-thinking is the reason why I do what I do. This is the reason I work in college admissions, and the reason I work at TU. Because the students I help enroll each year are the future leaders of the world. As a campus community, TU tries to give you all of the tools you need so that you really can get started today.

I wonder what you will accomplish if you come to TU? It gives me goose-bumps thinking about it.

-Casey Reed


from student blogger Quinn…

Okay…so I told you that I would be back with details of my Vegas experience, which was awesome! My friend Isaac, originally from Tulsa, drove to Tulsa for the holidays and had to head back to California (where he works). So we decided to take a road trip. We knew this wouldn’t be an easy trip. Considering the fact that four guys were in a car for about a day straight and the fact that I’m 6′4 spending the most of the car ride in the back seat of a 3 series didn’t make it the most enjoyable experience. However, all of that well was worth it.

I flew into Oklahoma City the night before we headed to Vegas. Isaac drove to OKC and we headed out. The trip went well and we probably listened to almost every song in my iPod, but luckily Isaac had an 80 GB almost at capacity that we played for the remainder of the trip. When we hit Arizona it started snowing pretty bad. We never thought that it would slow us down, but it got to point where had to actually pull over. So we pulled over at about 4 am at some gas station past Flagstaff and decided to take a nap. Not my idea, but hey it happened. At some point Isaac must have woken up and taken this picture.

We awoke about an hour later and got back on the road. It still was snowing, but not as bad. We had finally started seeing Vegas exits and made a detour to check out the Hoover Dam. This was my first time there and it was actually pretty cool. I can now scratch that off my bucket list.

Within an hour we had finally made it to Vegas! We got to the hotel and met up with our friend who had flown in. We didn’t waste time sleeping, but quickly hit the strip. We didn’t stay out too long because we had to rest up before our night began. Later that night was New Year’s Eve and we had John Mayer Trio tickets. I had never seen the Trio live, but I love their music and their performance was also. As midnight came around we got an added bonus as Bob Saget came out along Jeffrey Ross to do a little stand up. It was a great way to bring in the New Year.

For the rest of the trip we got to experience the Vegas nightlife and went to the Beatles LOVE Cirque de Soleil show. This was amazing! I had listened to the Beatles music before, but after watching this show I am now definitely fan. The last couple of days we hung out with some UT friends who had stopped in Vegas before heading to Pasadena for the National Championship. Overall, the trip was great and I didn’t lose any money gambling!