TU Moms’ (and Dads’) Group in St. Louis

TU Moms’/Parents’ Group in St. Louis

The mother of a TU sophomore approached me last fall when her daughter was in her first semester at TU. She expressed her idea of putting together a TU Moms’ group in St. Louis as an opportunity to connect with one another as their children are having a shared experience with The University of Tulsa. Not only is it a great way to meet new people who have something in common (TU!), but it’s also a great way for the parents to feel connected to their children while they’re away at school almost 400 miles away. Many parents are heavily involved in their kids’ activities when the kids are at home, so when the kids go away to college, a void exists. These opportunities help to fill some of that void! Continue reading

Tuesday with Tulsa: Meet Kelly from St. Louis

Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post was written by an out-of-state TU student who shares a bit about how she made her college choice and her life at TU…

Hi everyone! I want to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Kelly and I’m a sophomore studying Biology/Pre-Med with a minor in Sociology. I’m also from St. Louis, Missouri, which leads me to the greater purpose of this post. Why on earth did I choose to go to school in Tulsa, Oklahoma?? What’s there? I’ve been interrogated with these two questions more times than I can count by passionate St. Louisians desperate to defend our wonderful city. And I have an answer for you!

For me, the college decision was based on experiencing something totally new and different. I came to TU not knowing a soul and leaving behind a much-loved city. I will admit I knew absolutely nothing about Oklahoma, except maybe the first line from the musical. It’s for this reason that I can’t blame my family members and friends from back home who ask me why I’m here. I was thrilled when I found a mini Arch in OKC–who knew that was there?!

I wouldn’t have if I’d never ventured out of Missouri. Being a TU student and being from St. Louis gives me the best of both worlds. TU is an amazing institution–it’s a tight-knit community brimming with school pride and nationally ranked academics. I love being a student here! As a St. Louisian, I now have two homes. Even though I’m 5 hours away from my first, I love that I can find someone else from STL in Tulsa to watch a Cardinals game with me or say “Bread Co.” instead of “Panera”. And in the grand scheme of things, 5 hours is nothing. My mom actually just drove down to visit me for my sorority Mom’s Weekend and was back in time for work on Monday morning.

So why do I go to school here? Because I can’t imagine being anywhere else!