TU service day


Service Day was last week!  This is one really cool thing about TU.  There were many different places that people could go to volunteer. Basically, you signed up to volunteer for the morning.  Then you got assigned a time to show up, and buses would take you to your location. 


My sorority got to go to a church and paint the walls.  I had rowing practice that morning, so I did my service with the rowing team.  We  went around campus and checked all the yellow bikes (the free TU bikes students can check out for the semester) to make sure they were still there and see if there was anything wrong with them.  I had a great time with my friends doing something to help!20130223_125459

Snow Day and Service Day

We had our first snow day but unfortunately it did not result in a snow day from school! Nevertheless the snow made campus even more beautiful than it typically is.  Originally I am from New Jersey so for the majority of my life I got white winters every year, but after living in Arizona for so many years I forgot what it meant to actually have to walk in the snow on your way to class.  It was definitely a nice experience though and I enjoyed watching people have snow ball fights and build snowmen.  I even saw guys building a snow fort outside of the John (John Mabee is the all male dorm) and by the time my class was over i came back outside to see it was even furnished with chairs and all!

The view walking out of the Admissions building!

The view walking out of the Admissions building!


McFarlin Library and one of many snowmen!

McFarlin Library and one of many snowmen!

Also last Saturday was service day as someone posted about earlier! I went to an elementary school and the building they are in was a junior high but it was closed for a year and the elementary school just opened.  They have been slowly but surely making a ton of improvements.  It was too cold on Saturday to paint since originally we were going to paint hopscotch patterns outside.  Instead we created a template so when it does warm up a bit they have a good idea of where to paint.  The hopscotch patterns were from the United States, Nigeria, and Great Britain.  I worked on the one from Great Britain with Kerry who lives with me.  Together we made this massive template:

Hopscotch Great Britain style!

Hopscotch Great Britain style!

I was very proud of us!  After that we moved on to cleaning out a storage room and then we joined the others outside and moved lots of dirt in preparation for re-mulching and planting flowers in the spring.  We even had help from some little boys that went to the school and saw us working!  If volunteering is something you’re interested in TU makes it so easy to log some hours!  Plus it is a great feeling knowing you are with 400 of your other classmates all doing some good and giving back to the community!

TU Service Day 2013


This little guy was pretty curious as to what we were doing in his cage! This past Saturday was TU Services Day, during which just over 400 TU students went out into the community and spent the day doing some good old-fashioned physical labor. The group that I went with went to the Safari Sanctuary in Broken Arrow. We helped repair and paint the cage fences (without the animals in there of course!).

Check out some more pictures of all the awesome animals by clicking on the link below!