Tulsa Colors

Flaming red. Brilliant gold. Majestic blue. These are colors I’ve have become accustom to seeing on campus┬ánot only on students’ t-shirts but also in the turning trees and Fall sky. Here is a peek at the beauty I experience daily on campus.

what a gorgeous combination!

P.S.- Trees in Texas (where I’m from) don’t do cool things like turn colors. Which is why I am so excited about the beautiful Fall weather here!!

Hot weather? No problem!

One cool feature of TU is its location: Oklahoma! While OK is by far not the largest or most populated state, it does have a lot of great qualities. One that we as students really enjoy is the weather! This week is has got up the 85 degrees! So, what can one do in such a warm environment? I’m glad you asked! Posted below is a photo and one of my friends and┬áme playing in one of the fountains on campus. Juvenile? I think not! Fun?? I THINK SO!

Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Keeping Warm in the Winter

Casey Reed
There is a saying in Oklahoma, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” Even though we have 4 distinct seasons, each of them is usually interrupted with days of unseasonable weather, giving you a nice break.

Today is a good example. It’s the middle of February and it’s almost 70 degrees outside. Most of our students are wearing shorts. I snapped this shot of a few TU students playing in the fountain outside Collins Hall at 11:30am this morning…

Knowing Oklahoma, it will snow tomorrow.

-Casey Reed