SENEA: Sustainable Engineering for Needy and Emerging Areas

Casey Reed
23 days into 2012, and TU students have already changed lives….
Read this great project report about two TU undergraduate mechanical engineering students who traveled to Guyana, South America a few weeks ago to establish solar powered water chlorination systems in three different villages. This project began in May 2010 and the research and development was performed by students at the undergraduate level.
Sustainable Engineering for Needy and Emerging Areas
Guyana Pilot Implementation

I can’t wait to read the reviews next year, when the students return to expand this year’s project.

Tuesday With Tulsa: Meet a TU Alum

TU Community

Welcome to our first Tuesday with Tulsa blog post! On Tuesdays, we want to feature guest blog posts from the TU community- alumni, students, faculty, and anyone else that is affiliated with TU and has something they want to say.

Today’s blog post is by Britney Grayson, a TU alum who is finishing up a combined MD-PhD program at Vanderbilt University. Thanks, Britney, for contributing to our blog!

-Casey Reed

Hello from Nashville! My name is Britney Grayson. I am a Tulsa native (graduate of Booker T. Washington High School and the International Baccalaureate Program) and alumna of The University of Tulsa, class of 2004. I am delighted that many of you reading are considering TU for college. I’d love to share a little bit of my story with you including why I am so thankful that I chose TU for my undergraduate education.

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Sweet Summertime

Wow…a LOT has happened since the last time I posted in May! First of all, I took the LSAT on June 6 and raised my score (yayyyy!!). I was really, really excited about that, and now I never have to take the LSAT again (insert sigh of relief here). Beginning at the end of May once I moved back to Tulsa I dove into my research, and I have really enjoyed not only the program that I am working for, but also the students that I am working with. I have picked up computer science this summer through my research, and I am also teaching myself Arabic on my own time. I figured there’s always a benefit to learning a new language, so why not pick one of the most difficult languages in the world? I’m still at a pretty low level of reading, writing, and speaking, but my comprehension is getting better and better! I’m really excited about learning the language and being able to utilize it sometime in the future! My days have been filled with research and internships, and my weekends have been filled with traveling. I’ve been back and forth to Springfield, MO where my boyfriend goes to school, St. Louis to spend at least a weekend or two with my family, and the Lake of the Ozarks where I love to go to hang out. It’s been extremely hot everywhere I go, but nothing beats Tulsa right now! It’s been around 107 degrees every day, not including the heat index. Somehow, though, Tulsa never seems so hot. There’s always bright blue skies and happy people, so it makes the heat a little more bearable.

Other than work and research, I’ve just been coming to terms with the reality that summer is almost over. I feel like it flew by, but I’m excited for the year to begin so that I can enjoy my sorority, my classes, and the fun that comes with being a senior–I can’t believe I’m so old already! The summer session ends on Friday, so I’ll head to St. Louis for a week or so before moving back for sorority recruitment. Then, after recruitment, the fall semester starts and I’ll get back into the swing of things again! I can’t believe fall is already coming around…it’s amazing how time flies!

Next time you hear from me I’ll probably be in the middle of beginning-of-school craziness, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! :) Talk to you soon!