Study Abroad Guest Blog

Arriving in Oxford

Grace W., one of our University Ambassadors, is studying abroad at Worcester College at Oxford this semester. Grace is a junior at TU, double-majoring in Biochemistry and Philosophy. Here is a peek at Grace’s blog from across the pond:

We took the bus up from London and arrived in Oxford around lunchtime. We were escorted around to our different rooms to drop off our things and then hurried to lunch where the four of us who came through IFSA Butler met another visiting student named Victoria. Lunch was Thai curry, there seems to be a universal British agreement to make up for the lack of interest in their own traditional foods by adopting those of various different ethnicities. Afterwards, we did the necessary paperwork and forms. It doesn’t seem to matter what University you go to, everyone has the system of having to register online but not being able to get online until after you register… More interestingly, we went on a quick tour of Worcester (pronounced Wooster or even Woosta) and the surrounding area in Oxford. Worcester was founded as a Benedictine house of study in the 15th century, and was closed when the Church of England separated and all of the monasteries were closed. In the 18th century it was re-founded by a man from Worcestershire for which it was named. Here is some more information if anyone is interested,_Oxford. The effect is a very interesting mix of old buildings and older buildings (most say old and new, but being from Texas, 18th century seems quite old to me as well). One doesn’t expect to see 15th century cottages on the same quad as rather palatial 18thcentury buildings, but the effect is quite intriguing. The lake and the gardens were the prettiest part. I can’t wait till it gets just a little bit warmer and I can go running around the lake! Here are a few pictures:

Front Entrance

Benedictine Cottages


Traditional Staircase

Thanks, Grace! The pictures are beautiful! We will check in with you periodically and publish some of your blog posts here so our prospectives students can follow you on your adventures abroad. Have a great semester.