Summer Music in Tulsa

imagesWhen I think of summer, I think of sunshine, friends, and some great music.  Tulsa has been able to provide just that over the last couple of months! There are a ton of really cool venues around downtown Tulsa, and in June I was able to go to the Vanguard for the first time.  Semi-Precious Weapons was playing and it was a low-dough show which meant the first 100 tickets let in two people for the price of one.  SPW opened for Panic! At The Disco at TU’s Springfest event this past April.

What I loved most about the Vanguard was that it is a really intimate setting.  On its website they describe the venue perfectly, “The word Vanguard means to be in front on the edge and that’s what you’ll find here. Bands, DJ’s and everything in between that are at the forefront of today’s music scene. Artists that are on their way up and great independent artists that like playing intimate venues. This is the place you can catch the next big thing, before they’re so big you can’t get a seat within 200 yards.” Continue reading

Springtime on Campus

Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post comes to us from Lizzie R., a communications major from Little Rock, Ark. 

When I started writing this post, my goal was to write about my favorite TU tradition. What I quickly learned is that I don’t have one. I have a favorite season!

The warm, bright and colorful months of SPRING are what I love most! I am so grateful to live on such an amazing and exuberant campus that is always full of energy. But during the gorgeous spring weather Tulsa’s features really shine. And the events that take place on campus once the temperature warms up make spring worth waiting for.

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OMEA Jazz Band Performance

Walter White and the TU Jazz Band at the OMEA 2012 Convention

Walter White and the TU Jazz Band at the OMEA 2012 Convention

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but jazz artist Walter White sure does! Walter is a TU alumni who has worked with the Big Band Jazz program on and off throughout his career. This January he visited for a second time to play the OMEA, Oklahoma Music Educators Association, convention. I’ve been in the jazz band here at TU for only one semester and getting to play with a renowned jazz artist such as Walter has been an experience I never even fathomed possible. The concert was nothing short of spectacular. A high school band and UCO’s Jazz band, which consists of student’s getting their master’s degree in jazz, played in the concert with us. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a room more electric than that concert hall was. I only played congas in one song and I felt like a superstar to say the least. Of all the musical experiences I’ve had in my life I think this one touched me the most, and I have decided to stay in jazz band here for as long as I possibly can. TU jazz for life!