Spring Break…Here I Come!

The countdown has begun! Spring break is in 10 days! WOOOOOO! I am so excited for some time with no classes–these past few weeks have been so stressful for me. It’s been midterms/papers/persentations galore, and I am in much need of a break. I’m heading home to St. Louis for the first time this semester (it’s amazing how little I go home nowadays…I never want to miss a weekend in Tulsa!) to get all of my spring clothes and then next Friday it’s off to Florida with my pledge class in my sorority! We’re staying just outside of Panama City at a really nice resort, and I’m so excited for some time in the sun! The weather’s been pretty good there lately, so I’m hoping it holds up for when we head down there. It will be a MUCH needed vacation, and I am so ready for it!

I’m also really excited for next Monday, because that is the day when I receive my LSAT scores. I’m SO nervous, but I’m also really excited to see how I did. I’m anxious to start the whole process of visiting law schools and deciding where I want to apply, and these scores will determine whether or not I take the LSAT again to try to better my score (how I would love to not have to take it again…). I’ll keep you all updated on how things go, and next time I’ll be able to write all about my spring break! Until then, hopefully the weather is as nice where you are as it is in Tulsa right now so that you can enjoy the beginning of SPRING! =)