Spotlight: Intramurals

We are always telling prospective students about intramurals on campus. But what the heck is an intramural? We asked a current TU student to explain…

Hello, sports fans! My name is Sarah, and I am a sophomore Deaf Education major and Early Childhood Intervention minor from Arlington, Texas. And lucky for you, I’m your expert on TU intramurals (even though I’m still waiting to get Intramural Champion sweatshirt for myself…more on that later.)

But to be honest, I hadn’t heard the word “intramural” until my senior year of high school. So if you’re anything like I was, I’ll fill you in, newbie. Intramurals are sports you can play even when you are not on the collegiate team. They allow you to continue being the athlete you were all in high school by showing off your skills to your new college friends or let you learn and experience a sport for the first time in a fun environment.

We have all the classic sports—volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, tennis, and flag football—but you also have the choice of golf, badminton, ultimate Frisbee, 8 ball pool, table tennis, dodgeball, bowling, and even putt putt! And for each sport, there are A, B, and C league for athletes of different skill levels: A for the near-collegiate player, down to C, perfect for the newbies or people who just want to have fun. Most sports have same-sex leagues, but co-ed teams are also available in many as well.

As for me, I grew up playing sports, and in my two years here at TU, I’ve tried to be on as many intramural teams as possible!! I’ve played flag football for the past two falls on my sorority team. In the past, our team wasn’t quite up to par, but this year, we asked a couple guys on the football team to be our coaches!! Not only did we go further than we ever had (the quarterfinals, whoo!), but I also made two athlete friends (just another perk of a small school, by the way)! This fall semester, I also played soccer with my sorority. Both these fall sports are super fun, and even though we were in the C league, it was still competitive!

I’ve also been on co-ed teams, which are just as fun, if not more! Last year, I joined a softball team with a group of my friends from my residence hall, Fisher South. I knew about half the players on the team, but by the end of it, I was friends with everyone! I played catcher most games because one thing I can do is catch pop flies! Hitting, on the other hand, is not my forte, but let’s not talk about that. We did pretty well, but I believe we lost pretty early in the playoffs. All I remember is having a blast! Here’s a picture of our team, Pitch Please.

This spring, I was asked to be on a 5 on 5 basketball team with a few of my girl friends and with some guy acquaintances. I’m not the best basketball player, but all my teammates are very encouraging. Now those guy acquaintances are my friends! We’re in the playoffs, and our last game is on Thursday! Here is my to-be championship team!!

I really want to win this time because when you win, you get an exclusive Intramural Champ sweatshirt! This year, they say, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” I can’t wait to get mine!! Wish me luck!

Fall is Here

Fall has arrived! I think… Today it got up to like 85 degrees, but I wore sweats all day as a matter of principle. Things are going well here at TU. I just finished an intense two weeks of quizzes, tests, and projects, so hopefully the next couple won’t be too bad.

Over the weekend I took a little trip to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas to go backpacking with some friends. It was great, we left right after class on Friday, drove a couple hours, hiked over 15 miles in two days, camped, enjoyed the best weather we could’ve asked for, and got back Sunday night for the best part of the weekend – cramming for Statistics. Oh yeah…

Good news is I think I did really well on the Stat exam. Speaking of exams, I believe I promised in my last post that I’d tell you how I did on my recent Microeconomics test. I know it’s been hard to wait all this time with such an important matter up in the air, but without further adieu…I got a 93%. Considering how confused I get in that class, I was ecstatic to get a 93. As for Accounting, let’s just say I got the same grade, give or take 6 percentage points.

This is the first weekend I’m not going anywhere in awhile, and I can’t wait. Friday night I’m going to go see The Social Network with some of my buddies and some friends from the Tulsa Ballet. I know – random, but it’s a long story. Saturday is Theta World Cup, a soccer tournament put on by one of the sororities. I have no doubt my team will dominate. After that I think I’m going to go to the Philbrook Museum with a few friends to see the mummies and stuff they have on a special exhibit there right now. Sunday I will be spending the entire day doing the Spanish homework I have failed to do for the past two weeks before she picks up portfolios on Monday. Really now, don’t be jealous.

As for now, I’m going to the gym to shoot some hoops. Intramural 3-on-3 starts tomorrow, and saying that I’m rusty is a MAJOR understatement, so I’m gonna go try and sharpen up my skills before our first game. With that said, have a good one.

Until next time!


Cool weather has arrived, and it has been a much needed relief from the former Summer heat. Although I’m enjoying everything at school, I hope October goes by quick so Thanksgiving Break can come. I survived my first shotgun experience at the skeet shoot, but received a couple bruises before realizing proper form was pertainent to pain free shooting. It was great fun to get taught gun safety, and spend a saturday morning with TEMSA students. School has kicked into full gear with Tests and quizzes seemingly every week, but I am looking foward to a field trip with my Intro to Petroleum Engineering class. It is weird thinking there are still field trips after high school, but were going to an oil rig, and the north campus on Saturday. I am excited to see how it all works, and gain knowledge for the field of work I am pursuing.
Flag football is getting more intense, with practice twice a week now, one being tonight at 9 PM!! On Sunday were playing the team the law school has put together, so we’ll see if they put the same amount of practice in as they do for the BAR exam.
Oh, I almost forgot something super important. I started visiting the local high school, Will Rogers, and it has been awesome. TU has created a partnership with the school, in order to place good influences in student’s lives to encourage the completion of high school, and college in their future. I think it is an equally rewarding program for both the TU mentors, and the high school students.