Thoughts After 3 Months At TU

IMG_0331Today’s Tuesday With Tulsa comes to us from Leonardo Landivar, a freshman Petroleum Engineering major from Bolivia.

Before coming to Tulsa, I had no idea what to expect. I always heard that Tulsa is a pretty calm and quiet city without many temptations, which makes it a perfect place to study. As days went by, and classes started, I noticed that TU was exactly what I was looking for.

First of all, small classes make things so much easier and “elite” when it comes to learning. The teacher knows who you are by name and you are not just one of the bunch as in other universities. Professors are always available and willing to do anything to help you with whatever you need. People around here are so friendly which really makes me feel like I’m at home. Thanks to the Greek life at TU, I have met even more friends, friends that I now consider family…a family on which I rely and always trust.


Playing soccer, ultimate frisbee and going to the gym can be the best medicine after a long day of studies. Football and soccer games are also another great part of TU. There is so much school spirit present that you actually feel connected with the university. And that is a feeling which is impossible to describe.  In the end we are all TU, and TU is the best university ever!

So far I have been away from home for three months. I can say that time has passed really quickly and that there are already some great memories that I will never forget. I can’t wait to see how the next four years are going to turn out. If the first months were awesome, then the future will be even better!


Hello spring

Other than football, spring is my favorite season at TU. Here’s a quick update on some of the fun I’ve been having this semester with my friends!

Woodward ParkFrozen yogurt from Yolotti is always a good idea. Peanut butter yogurt with cocoa pebbles comes highly recommended from…well, me. After treating ourselves to dessert, my friends and I headed to Woodward Park, one of Tulsa’s most popular outdoor hang-outs. We even saw a group of dolled up high schoolers posing for Prom pictures. Pretty fun!

Sarah H 2

 Now I’m not sure why the Weinermobile was on campus this week, but clearly it was. Between classes we stopped for a quick photo-opp.

Sara H 3This photo was taken after a big intramural basketball win this semester! Good news, folks. The season isn’t over quite yet. My team plays in the championship game tonight! I’m hoping we win big tonight so I can sport my Tulsa Intramural Champion shirt to class tomorrow.

Racquet Ball at TU

At TU there is no shortage of fun athletic events to partake in. Racquet ball is one such sport that I’ve been playing recently and I’ve been having a blast. For those of you who don’t know, racquet ball is a game where you and your opponent take turns using a racquet to hit the ball against a wall. I say “a” wall because you can hit ball against any surface of the court including the ceiling as long as the ball manages to hit the front wall before it bounces. It sounds easy but as you can see in the video below, it can get pretty hectic.

As I’m sure you can tell, it takes a lot of practice and some quick reflexes to play as well as these guys do. More than likely you’ll end up hitting yourself with the ball on your first time. Stick with it though and I can assure you, racquet ball is a fun and rewarding game. It’s also a great way to get in shape! You’d be surprised how hot it gets in that box.

My roommate’s graceful movements on the court

While I may never attain the level of skill displayed in the video above I will continue to practice at TU’s racquet ball facilities in Mabee Gym. Wish me luck!