Apartment life = minor burns.

Oh man. Things get so busy so fast! I think I had two days of free time at the beginning of the semester but that stage of life appears to have passed by. Now days are filled with class, reading, cooking (apartment life, what???) and cramming in quality time with friends. There is no time to be wasted!

Apartment life was kind of a surprise for me! I didn’t even think about how it would affect my social life, but the atmosphere is a lot quieter. I am still getting used to it but from what I hear, I’ll get really used to having my space and never want to go back to dorm life… haha, we’ll see. It really is nice to have a kitchen, though. I’ve been doing some cooking lately. In fact, I just boiled my finger. I meant to boil some chicken (I’m making a casserole! How grown-up, right?) but I somehow, in the process, stuck my finger in the boiling water for several seconds before my body sensed pain. Owww! The other day I made some quesadillas that turned out to be delicious and I only had one minor burn!

As for the update on my academic life… I love my classes! Okay, 50% of them. But I think that’s a pretty good ratio for “love”. One of my favorite classes is about databases. Doesn’t that sound boring? Yeah, I am pretty sure everybody else in the class hates it. Therefore, they probably hate me for obviously loving it. I’m that girl!! AHH!! In any event, I think my internship this summer really helped me to appreciate my MIS classes more.

My social life has definitely picked up recently, probably due to my recent debut on Fox 23 news (watch the video), haha. I have also been taking advantage of first-week-of-school open-mindedness that allows me to question random students to find out who they are and where they’re from! Recently I made friends with a group of international students here from Europe – the Germans, Swiss and Spanish, and even a few from Singapore! They seem to be a fun group that I will hopefully spend more time with. (It was recently brought to my attention that readers of my blog must think Stef is my only friend. Does it look like I have more now?! I hope it worked.)

Well, I am almost back into my college-life sleep patterns (I even went to the gym at 10:30 tonight!) but nottt quite there, so I am signing off at 12:08 AM!!

Back 2 school!!

I officially finished unpacking today, and I’ve got to admit that it feels good! Finally I’ll live in a place for more than 3 months without packing up and heading off to somewhere new. I’m sharing an on-campus apartment with my roommate from freshman year, Kay Sind. Apartment life is nice… we have so much space! It’s unbelievable!

My last day at ConocoPhillips was Friday, and I was really sad to leave – the internship experience was really good. I loved my position and I got to know so many really cool people. We finished the summer strong with a trip to Dallas! My friends from work (Mark and Phillip) and I drove down to Dallas Friday evening and went to a great piano bar. Saturday was full of outlet mall shopping, getting lost and the highlight of the weekend… THE GOO GOO DOLLS IN CONCERT!! I am pretty sure the lead singer was looking right at me as he sang Black Balloon… pretttty sure. I’ve been dreaming about seeing them in concert since I was twelve, so I would say this is a good start to senior year!

Being back on campus feels a little weird since I’ve been gone for so long! There are so many unfamiliar faces. I have a lot of catching up to do!!

Today was the first day of classes, which means I (as always) got up unusually early and went to class unusually awake! I listened to the standard first-day-of-class spiel from every teacher and had some delicious Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I am trying to embrace all of this random free time I have right now because I know that my schedule is about to fill up, really fast!! See ya later!

Here We Go Again!

As you (hopefully) gathered from my profile, my name’s Taber Hunt from Arkansas, and I’m a sophomore here at TU studying Economics and Spanish.

Boy, summer flew by. I’ve only been back in the States for two weeks, but it feels like just a few days. Packing, moving into my apartment, and now working on the fraternity house have absolutely ate up my time. I’ve enjoyed it all, though. I can’t believe another awesome year is about to begin here in Tulsa. I’m starting to feel old! Speaking of that, I turn the big 2-0 tomorrow. Happy early birthday, me.

I’m excited for this fall – Golden Hurricane football (opener against Notre Dame should be pretty good!), John Mayer concert at the BOK center in a few weeks, hanging out with friends way too late every night, subsequently studying until even way later at night, and a little sleep where I can fit it in. I have to admit, after a year in college and two months in Spain with siesta-time (Yes, they really take siestas.), I’ve become quite a napper. Oh yeah, Spain…how could I have forgotten?

SPAIN WAS SO COOL. For two months this summer I studied Spanish in San Sebastian, Spain. What an experience. I’m not even going to attempt to summarize it here, though. If you’re interested in reading more about it, go to viajesdetaber@blogspot.com. If you’re not interested, well, don’t.

Right now I’m sitting on the balcony of my apartment contemplating whether or not to walk the 30 feet to the swimming pool…either way I’ve got to order some books online tonight. On that note, I’ve got some pretty good classes lined up this semester. They all SOUND awful, like “Economic Development,” but I’m pretty sure they’ll mostly be pretty interesting.

Well, I’ve decided I will, in fact, go take a dip. Adios, amigos! Check back in in a few weeks once school’s started and I have more to talk about!

Oh, one more thing. If you get the chance, you should totally schedule a tour of campus sometime in October. The weather’s perfect and campus is absolutely gorgeous.

Until next time!