Tuesday with Tulsa: The Honors Program

Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post was written by Dr. Denise Dutton, Assistant Provost & Director of the Honors Program at TU.

Yesterday I had the privilege of talking about the Honors Program here at TU with some prospective students who were participating in Tulsa Time. It happened to be Presidents’ Day. And so, unsurprisingly, as I described how the Honors seminars invite students to investigate the big question, “What constitutes a well-lived life?” I was struck by the similarities between the virtues that mark great statesmanship and the habits of mind honed by our Honors scholars. In the course of reflecting upon just two of these similarities, I hope to give you a taste of the kind of intellectual community that grows out of our Honors seminars and the larger tradition of living freely and deliberately of which it is a part. Continue reading