Return to a Different World

Ahh, being off of school: no more homework, no more tests, no more Tulsa. As a reminder, I am from a little town in Southeastern Oklahoma about three hours away form Tulsa called Durant. I’ve always wondered how different it would be to go home from college. I have been fairly involved in clubs and things at TU and as a result did not go home much this semester. Christmas break is my first time to be home in a while and definitely the first time to be home for so long (we get a whole month off of school!). Obviously going home is completely different for different people with different families, but let me share some of the differences that I have experienced from this going back to my family.

First, and possibly the most obvious, is the presence of rules. However, my parents and I get along pretty well and we had a talk about curfew and other such rules before it became a problem. So while I did still have a curfew and got to run all the errands EVER, these were not really a problem for me. But for sure different from college!

Another thing that is pleasantly different is the FOOD! While the food at college isn’t the worst ever…. =/ it will never compare to the delicious food cooked by your own mom. :)

Lastly is just getting to be around your family. :) I’ve missed them a lot and it has been great to spend time with them over this break. However, I do miss my campus and friends at TU! But the break’ll be over soon and return to the world of college we will. :)

Have a Wonderful Winter Break

Things are winding down here at the Admission Office. If you have a question about your application, please make sure to call the office before 5:00pm today, because we will be closed tomorrow and next week. We will reopen Monday, January 2nd, and classes for TU students resume on January 9th. We have been mailing out Admission Decisions this week for Rolling Admission Applicants who completed their applications, so be sure to watch your mailbox…

Our office has had a fun week full of student visitors, office parties, and community service. Now, we want to wish each of you a safe, happy holiday season. Happy New Year!

The Office of Admission Staff with our Secret Santa presents- toys we donated to the Tulsa Police Department’s Toy Drive

TU gave every student at Kendall-Whittier Elementary a True Blue Neighbors sweatshirt in hopes that everyone will have a warm winter break

Study Breaks

With the ACT this weekend, and the end of the semester fast approaching, I’m sure most of you have been busy studying for tests.

At TU, the whole campus community is trying to be supportive of our students who are currently studying for finals. Different departments and organizations around campus are offering free food, fun study-break activities, or opening their offices to students who need a quiet place to study. I know Dr. Purser in the Chemistry Department arranged for the TU Shuttle to bring students to his house one evening earlier this week to decorate cookies. I’m sure other professors offered similar activities. The Office of Admission did- last night, we hosted a Holiday Party for our University Ambassadors. The UAs came by to eat pizza, decorate cookies, and play a few holiday games.

Notice the open book on the was supposed to be a break from studying!

Holiday Games

Matt and Hillary in their holiday gear

Good luck studying! Be sure to take some breaks, and try to get some sleep!

-Casey Reed