Haunted Hall; Epic Costumes

I can say without a doubt that Halloween is one of my favorite days out of they year, especially as I get older. About a month ago my friends and I decided that we should make our costumes correlate, and we decided Teen Titans would be the best option. It quickly caught wind and more people joined, we lost some in the tedious process of making the costumes, but overall it turned out well for Haunted Hall. Making the costumes was fun in it’s own right and then dressing up and seeing the surprised looks on everyone’s faces was priceless. Luckily this was just a test run for Halloween because some costumes, especially my friend’s Sebastian’s (who is Red X in this picture) were incomplete and almost falling apart. I’m looking forward to Halloween on Wednesday because I get to play at the TU men’s basketball game in full costume, and then my friends and I are hitting the town for some trick-or-treating. NEVER too old to trick-or-treat, you’ve just got to find someone who’s willing to give you the candy. By far one of the best Halloween’s I’ve had in years.

Got Thanksgiving?

From your career to your favorite caffeine-filled beverage, college is a time of discovery. My favorite discovery thus far has been the existence of Canadian Thanksgiving. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving twice a year?

Some of my friends prepared Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in the kitchen of Lottie Jane, the all-girls dorm.

mmm…lots of turkey for lots of people

Who says you can’t live well in a college dorm?

the beautiful (not to mention talented) cooks!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Return to a Different World

Ahh, being off of school: no more homework, no more tests, no more Tulsa. As a reminder, I am from a little town in Southeastern Oklahoma about three hours away form Tulsa called Durant. I’ve always wondered how different it would be to go home from college. I have been fairly involved in clubs and things at TU and as a result did not go home much this semester. Christmas break is my first time to be home in a while and definitely the first time to be home for so long (we get a whole month off of school!). Obviously going home is completely different for different people with different families, but let me share some of the differences that I have experienced from this going back to my family.

First, and possibly the most obvious, is the presence of rules. However, my parents and I get along pretty well and we had a talk about curfew and other such rules before it became a problem. So while I did still have a curfew and got to run all the errands EVER, these were not really a problem for me. But for sure different from college!

Another thing that is pleasantly different is the FOOD! While the food at college isn’t the worst ever…. =/ it will never compare to the delicious food cooked by your own mom. :)

Lastly is just getting to be around your family. :) I’ve missed them a lot and it has been great to spend time with them over this break. However, I do miss my campus and friends at TU! But the break’ll be over soon and return to the world of college we will. :)