Arts & Sciences – The Perfect Choice For Me

09-03-14 University Ambassadors-119Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa comes to us from Kristina M., a junior Sociology major from Tulsa, OK.

I was a late addition to the College of Arts and Sciences. After spending my first year with the goal of practicing Chemical Engineering, it was quite the switch when I decided to study Sociology instead. There are things about the switch that have made me realize I’ve found the perfect fit for me.

Not only is Sociology a broad discipline and one covers all of my interests, but it and many other A&S majors provide an added bonus of having small classes because of the small number of students in each major. I got to enter into classrooms that are fueled by discussion and personal reflection, and that are guided by professors that are passionate and brilliant in their fields. Each class I have taken in my major has been eye-opening. I have also had the privilege of exploring some other subjects in electives. The curriculum is brilliant because many of the majors overlap in real world application. So where I may be told I’m learning sociology (and I am), I am also learning economics, psychology, and anthropology. The A&S College is perfect because professors seem to be painting a picture of what the real world is like – meaning that as students, we leave more articulate, more aware with a heightened ability to think critically, and a new lens to look at the world through. Continue reading

Making Lifetime Connections

Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post comes to us from Orianna A., a marketing and advertising major from Tulsa, Okla.

Vail Ski TripIn my second semester of senior year at The University of Tulsa. This is the point where all my education and professional skills I have obtained over the years come together as I begin preparing for the “Real World” and search for a job. I am not scared however, I am excited. Over the years,  I have made many friends and connections through TU. And these friends and connections are now helping me in the transition from full- time student to working adult. Continue reading

Victory Lap

Work it

This is how excited I am to graduate!

It’s Emily here.

This week marks the beginning of the last semester of my senior year, and I am counting down the days until graduation. Last semester, a combination of class, my internship, and writing for the Collegian put a damper on the frequency of my blog posts. This semester is just as crowded (and the job search is piling additional items onto my list of things to do), but I still plan to be more consistent.

I’m planning to make some other changes this semester:

    • My boyfriend and I have started cooking on a more regular basis. We trade off days and basically cook the cheapest meals we possibly can while using minimally processed foods. Some of my posts will probably include our creations.
    • I’m going to try to go to more events on campus. The biology department is in the process of hiring a new faculty member and is hosting talks given by the applicants. I like to think of these as auditions, and they’re a fun way to learn a little bit more about topics that come up in class (and some that don’t).
    • I’m going to get out more. And by out, I mean off campus, maybe even out of Tulsa. Last weekend I went to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville and it was amazing. I’m doing a story on my visit for the Collegian this week! I also want to get down to some of the museums in OKC.
    • I’m going to lift weights. Any ability I once had to do a proper pushup has basically evaporated. It’s embarrassing.

See this girl? I want her arms

I hope you guys also have great goals for the year. For those of you about to graduate from high school, this is the year you will start college!

I obsessed with Laura Marling lately (Mumford and Sons got their start as her backup band), so I leave you with her incredible voice: