Tuesday with Tulsa: Golden Moments

Bryce C., a sophomore Energy Management and Finance double major from Dallas, shares some of his favorite Golden Moments from this school year.

After an incredible Liberty Bowl win against a Big 12 school, all the TU students went to Beale Street for New Years Eve.  The TU Alumni Association gave all students a travel package for the bowl game that was hard to resist…for $40, each student got: 2 nights in a hotel in Memphis, free tickets to the Bowl Game, free tickets to the bowl bash the night before in downtown Memphis with free food, and free bus transportation from the hotel to EVERYTHING – we never had to drive.  The entire trip is probably my favorite memory this far while going to TU.  Our hotel was basically sold out to just TU students who went to the bowl game, and it was such a fun trip with all my friends.  This picture is from downtown Memphis on New Years Eve after we beat Iowa State 31-17.

photo (3)

Student Association, our student government, hosts different events each day of Homecoming week.  This past fall, one of the events was a campus-wide color run.  I had never participated in a color run so I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was so much fun.  We were given a route through campus to run, and there were 4 or 5 stations spaced out with people who threw dry, colored paint as you passed by.  At the end, everyone is covered in bright colors.  There was a huge turnout of students, and it was really fun.

photo (14)

The very first football game last season (2012) was an away game at Iowa State. Myself and 3 friends decided that we wanted to road trip up to watch the game, so after the 8 hour drive (and seeing lots of corn fields), we arrived in Ames, Iowa. We basically started wandering through the tailgate lots to see if there were any other TU fans there. We couldn’t find many TU students, but we seemed to make friends with Iowa State fans everywhere we went. One older couple even invited us back to their tailgate spot after the game for dinner, which we accepted and brought some other TU fans with us.

I have a good friend on the football team, and he got us free tickets to the game. When we went to will call to pick them up, the Tulsa representative gave us front row seats because he wanted current students in the front. It was an awesome game, and because we were the loudest TU fans there and in the front row, the Fox Sports camera guy would come film us every time our team scored or held a third down. The picture you see is actually a Tulsa World (Tulsa’s Newspaper) reporter taking pictures of us being filmed. We ended up losing that game to Iowa State, but the 4 of us had an awesome trip…we also got revenge at the Liberty Bowl where we destroyed Iowa State.

photo (21) photo (18) TU at Iowa State