The Best School Ever: An International Perspective

Tomas 1Today’s blog post comes to  us from Tomas Espinosa, a freshman Chemical Engineering major from Ecuador.

TU is the best school ever!  Why? Because of the people and how nice they are. For example…

I wanted to start playing Ultimate Frisbee (I played it over the summer twice and loved it), but I was not good at all, and I had no idea how to even find people who could teach me.  One day I asked Nate, one of the residence assistants in my residence hall (I suggest living in Fisher South, it´s awesome!) what I could do to get involved with the Ultimate Frisbee team.  He told me that he wasn´t sure but that he would see what he could do.  A few days later I started seeing fliers stuck to the room doors telling people to go to one of the intramural fields at a specific time on a specific date to learn all there was to learn about the school´s Ultimate Frisbee team.  I went there.  Nate had somehow gotten the school´s Ultimate Frisbee team to show people how to play and to spend the afternoon playing with us freshmen.  We all had such a good time!  I am now a rookie on the school´s Ultimate Frisbee team.

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The Benefits Of Change


Today’s blog post is from Katie Snyder, a junior Communications major from Des Moines, Iowa.

Throughout the past year, our campus has been under construction. I’m not complaining because while this created some noise and some dust, mostly it created anticipation. TU’s campus was buzzing with possibilities. As students, we understood that we were part of something special. The originators. The generation of students that would remember both where TU had been and where it was going.

Witnessing growth is a pretty spectacular thing.

The campus you’ll see when you come for Tulsa Time, or a tour, or moving in for your freshman year, is much different than the campus I first stepped foot on four years ago. Buildings have sprung up, dining options have been added, new colleges and programs have been created, clubs have been chartered.  Change is happening all over campus. And we, as students, get to take on this growth as both a challenge and an exciting opportunity.

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Advice for the Class of 2019

Before heading off to college, you will get a lot of advice from family members, friends, social media and about a million websites. Everyone wants to help prepare you for college life and being away from home. 

Maria Devoto, a sophomore Chemical Engineering major from Easton, Conn., weighs in as she has one year of the “TU Life” under her belt. Here is her advice for the incoming Class of 2019!

Maria 11.  Get off campus when you can! TU has a beautiful campus and there are always dozens of things going on. It can be easy to spend all your time there. However, I seriously recommend spending some time off campus, at least once every week or two. The city of Tulsa has so much to offer, so even if you’re just heading down the road to 918 for a coffee, make the trip. And be sure to check out the Tulsa State Fair! I’ll never forget the rodeo I saw there.

2.  Try something new. This may be the most repeated advice ever, but that’s because it couldn’t be any more important. In high school, I participated in the same sports and clubs as my friends, mostly because they were involved or because it was something I’d been doing since I was five years old. At TU, no club or sport or organization is better than the next, and when in doubt, if something sounds even just mildly interesting, join it. Even if you don’t stick with it all four years, you’ll meet new people and learn new things about yourself. Continue reading