Finals are coming!

This week has been very hectic because it is the last week of classes before finals.  Everyone has tests and papers due this week which makes for a bit of a stressful environment, but it is interesting to see how everyone handles it.  Personally I had a paper due right when we came back and that same day I had an oral presentation for English.  The next day I had homework and a quiz in math.  Wednesday was my last hectic day: I had a 10 minute french oral presentation that had to be completely memorized.  Over the week I de-stressed by going to an event put on by one of the RAs.  She had pumpkin muffins and cider, and we decorated things to put on our doors.  I got a lot of bows, but they were all red and I decided I needed some Jewish representation because I am Jewish too so I made a “Happy Hanukkah” sign for our door to go with the Christmas decorations.  My friend, Nicole, and I also decided to make masks to destress.  They are for the masquerade function being put on by Kappa.  I made three.  I like two of them and then the other I don’t think is the best, but someone else said they liked so ehh it’s good enough. :)  Nicole who had a test and a project due the day after we made the masks said they went great, and she feels really good about them.  I think while it’s important to power through the work don’t forget to take a bit of time for yourself to relax.  It’s been a good week overall!

Freshman year: check!


It’s official. I just took my last exam, submitted a final paper and have begun the slow process of packing my things and loading up my car. Freshman year: check! Time flew by and all I can think about is how grateful I am for this experience.

The University of Tulsa. It was always on the list for me. I visited campus, I applied and was accepted, and with great excitement I chose TU last spring! I had this vision of what college would be like thanks to movies and the experiences of those of my family and friends. So in many ways Tulsa is just what I expected it to be, and in others it is totally different- in a good way, of course! It’s not possible to understand the Tulsa experience and the community of amazing friends that comes along with it, without trying it for yourself. Here’s a little taste of this past year for you though:

This photo is move-in day last August! I was on quite the emotional roller coaster that day. I was sad to have left the comfort and familiarity of home, family and high school friends, but at the same time so PUMPED to be at this amazing university! It was really happening. Here’s a picture of myself (maroon shirt) and my family that day. Next up was wonderful Orientation camp! I loved my group and am still close with every one of them. Classes began and weekend-fun did too! There were football games, concerts at Cain’s ballroom, movie nights, trips to the fountains on campus in our swimsuits, and the list goes on. I never thought it was possible to have so much fun!

The first semester drew to a close and that month off for Christmas rocked! Although I was definitely ready to come back to Tulsa to see my friends in January! Second semester was even better than the first. My schedule got busier and classes got harder, but I became closer with my friends and fell even more in love with Tulsa. I became a University Ambassador, continued to meet new people, and really figured out how to balance school, work, campus involvement and free time. Here’s a picture of a color paint fight we had a few weeks after returning to Tulsa after spring break. It was so awesome!

And now the semester is really over and I’m both relieved and sad. I not only made it through my first year of college, but I made the most of my time here at TU and loved every bit of it! Not being around my favorite people in the world 24/7 is going to be a weird adjustment, but I’ll get by. Camp counseling the entire summer will definitely be memorable! I can already tell you though that I will be counting down the days until I return home to TU in the fall. So here’s one final picture. I may look like the same girl who moved into Fisher South in August, but I can tell you I’ve changed. I’ve faced a lot of challenges this year, grown even when I was unaware of the growth, and am now a better person thanks to the University of Tulsa and to the people that surround me everyday. I LOVE my Tulsa family!

Finals Finished

Here we are, slogging through our last finals. Spending long nights and days pouring over book after book, problem after problem, review after review, never sleeping, never resting. The life of college finals.

Okay, so maybe that’s true for SOME college students (though I haven’t met many!), but somehow I got very lucky! This first semester, I only had one final and it was last week! So, although I did study a significant amount for that final, my exam schedule was not bad at all. And for most students, even the older ones, it wasn’t too bad. While each student is enrolled in five or so classes, many of the classes don’t even have finals or have an optional final, something you take if your grade is on the borderline.

So, while I’m sure that finals get harder as you go, I’m pleased to say that I’ve survived this semester with little sleep, a fair amount of homework, and a TON of great memories. :)