Tips for Successful Finals…And Fun!

10552423_10152383026656020_3494684897341883686_nWithout a doubt, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year! With the beautiful blue Christmas lights that decorate Chapman Commons, the holiday concerts and the free hot chocolate and candy canes every other day, there’s nothing better than the holidays at TU. Not even finals can dampen the spirit…as long as you approach finals correctly. Finals are always meant to help YOU. If you’ve done well in the class so far, then you’ve already done half of your studying. If you need to do better, then your final is a saving grace.

The first step? Don’t dread your finals. True, you’re not going to be excited about taking a test, but the fact of the matter is you have to take it eventually. Thus, you might as well have a good attitude about it. The more you talk about how much you don’t like finals, the better you become at subconsciously finding ways to procrastinate. And let’s face it, nobody needs help procrastinating MORE. It’s important to admit to the reality that is finals week, but the key is to not become consumed by it. Continue reading

Celebrating Holidays Residence Hall Style

It is the last full week of classes at TU, and that also means crunch time before we get to leave for winter break.  In between studying for finals, there are a lot of celebrations to enjoy and look forward to.  This past week, two resident assistants in Fisher South put on a program to deck the halls.  With the help of residents, the whole hall turned into a holiday explosion.  The first floor is the Christmas floor complete with three different Christmas trees.


On the second floor, the holiday is Hanukkah.




The third floor is decorated for Kwanzaa, but the decorations were covered by a multitude of students busy with their studies.  The wall is covered with paper candles and banners in black, red, and green.

On each floor there are little notes that have facts about each holiday. So not only is it spirited, but we all get to learn a little about different cultural celebrations.

Fisher South also got to celebrate having 99% of the building complete the second round of MapWorks. This is a survey that helps staff get to know how they can better help the residents and how they are doing throughout the semester.  This time, the reward was a chocolate party and it was the perfect way to take a break from studying.


Finals are coming!

This week has been very hectic because it is the last week of classes before finals.  Everyone has tests and papers due this week which makes for a bit of a stressful environment, but it is interesting to see how everyone handles it.  Personally I had a paper due right when we came back and that same day I had an oral presentation for English.  The next day I had homework and a quiz in math.  Wednesday was my last hectic day: I had a 10 minute french oral presentation that had to be completely memorized.  Over the week I de-stressed by going to an event put on by one of the RAs.  She had pumpkin muffins and cider, and we decorated things to put on our doors.  I got a lot of bows, but they were all red and I decided I needed some Jewish representation because I am Jewish too so I made a “Happy Hanukkah” sign for our door to go with the Christmas decorations.  My friend, Nicole, and I also decided to make masks to destress.  They are for the masquerade function being put on by Kappa.  I made three.  I like two of them and then the other I don’t think is the best, but someone else said they liked so ehh it’s good enough. :)  Nicole who had a test and a project due the day after we made the masks said they went great, and she feels really good about them.  I think while it’s important to power through the work don’t forget to take a bit of time for yourself to relax.  It’s been a good week overall!