I Like Finals Week…SSHHH

bj 2Today’s blog post is from Brittany J., a junior Mechanical Engineering major from Lee’s Summit, Mo.

If asked how many times I complained about finals this year, I would probably have to defer to Lindsey Lohan’s answer in the classic Mean Girls movie- “the limit does not exist.” With the amount of entertaining memes on Facebook and the classic tweets that describe exactly how finals make you feel, it’s hard not to laugh at your own misery. And if I don’t find the memes myself, then you can bet they are sent in one of the many GroupMe platforms my friends and I share, so we can lament about our struggles together. But in reality, I actually like finals week. Like finals week? That’s practically blasphemy, am I right? However, the sense of community, friendship, and accomplishment you get out of that one week is unique and something I do in fact value.

bj 1Like any normal college student, the more work I have to do, the better I am at finding ways to avoid it. Finals week was definitely no exception. Two of my favorite traditions I like to procrastinate with are my sorority’s formal and white elephant gift exchange. Forming alliances and plotting to steal four pounds of cookie dough from my friends was a nice change from the normal engineering calculations I had been processing over the past few weeks. However, “dancing” (if you can even call my awkward movements that) the night away is not exactly my first thought when I think of finals week. But finals week signals the semester is coming to a close, and formal is the perfect celebration to another semester in which my friends and I invested our time and hard work. It’s sometimes hard for me to remember to do, but it’s important to not let studying monopolize your life. The experiences you have in college can be just as important as the grades you make as long as you balance them correctly.  Plus, I honestly think you do better if you take the time to have some fun as opposed to digging yourself into a deep dark hole of finals week despair. Continue reading

First Fridays In Tulsa: Taking A Break From Studies

IMG_3077Today’s video blog comes to us from Haley A., a junior Communication and Psychology major from Sand Springs, Okla.

This past weekend one of my best friends and I escaped the stress of finals at a First Friday event in downtown Tulsa.

On the first Friday of each month, the Brady District hosts an art crawl that is open to the public to give exposure to local artists. There were plenty of food trucks lining the streets, so we grabbed a quick dinner before exploring the galleries.

One of the first stops on our art tour was a glass blowing shop. They offered a free demonstration, so we had the chance to watch them in action. After that, we went to the downtown location of the Philbrook Museum of Art. One of my favorite aspects of this gallery was the interactive experience they offered. At select pieces of art, there were long strands of ribbon in various colors. Guests had the opportunity to choose the color of ribbon that best represented their understanding of the artwork. At the end of the tour, we tied all of our ribbons together and then hung them on a structure in the lobby.

The Zarrow Center for Art and Education was also a fantastic gallery. They offered free hot chocolate and appetizers, and there was a live band playing. This center has a partnership with The University of Tulsa’s School of Art, so it was nice to see TU connections in the Tulsa community.

Exploring events downtown is a great way to escape campus for a little while. There are a number of fun activities in the Tulsa area, and I can’t wait to discover more!

Spring Fest 2015: Reign Cane

IMG_1599It’s the end of the school year, and to a typical college student that means a mass of papers, projects and tests. At The University of Tulsa, however, we combat the stress of pre-finals week with one of the most highly anticipated events of the year—Springfest!

Every April, Student Association sponsors a week of fun activities, free food, raffles, giveaways, and much more, all leading up to a concert that is free to TU students. Here’s a look at the fun we had at this year’s Springfest!

We started off the week with tons of free food, snow cones, free T-Shirts, and listened to live music from local bands outside on Chapman Commons.

Movie night! We watched Pitch Perfect on a big screen in the Reynolds Center and had free popcorn, candy and soda.

On Wednesday, multiple food trucks lined the Chapman Commons, and all students were given $11 worth of food tickets to use at whatever trucks they wanted! Additionally, we had a mini-music festival with tons of local bands!

Thursday was by far my favorite day of Springfest. A huge art fair was set up outside by the campus fountains. We painted canvas shoes (which were free), tie-dyed shirts and headbands, painted canvases, and strung beads. Additionally there were henna tattoo artists and caricature artists, which were both a blast! Finally, as with all Springfest events, there was free food.

Before the concert on Friday night, we had a pizza party and prize giveaway. Sadly, I wasn’t too lucky in the raffle… but a lot of other students landed some really awesome prizes! Gift cards, cameras, and iPads are just a few of the numerous prizes that Student Association gives away at campus events.

Concert (Friday Night)
The artist at this year’s Springfest was Hoodie Allen! The best part about it was that the concert is free to all TU Students! So many students attended the concert, and everyone had a great time taking a quick break from the stress of classes before gearing up for finals.