Engineering & Engineering

As a few of you have probably learned, TU has a decent-sized and passable engineering college…. Okay, so TU is pretty well known for its intense and competitive College of Engineering and Natural Sciences! And as a student studying in this discipline, I get to see all the in’s and out’s of the classes, professors and buildings. If you visit TU (especially if you are wanting to do anything that is remotely close to engineering), you will probably be shown the two newest additions to the campus: Stephenson Hall and Rayzor Hall. Let me give you some information on both.

First is my home: Stephenson Hall! Alright, so maybe it’s not my home yet. But it will be starting the fall semester. The building is actually scheduled to be open this summer. So just in time for any of you high school seniors! This building will be the home of Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering.

Stephenson Hall: Under Construction!

Next is the beautiful Rayzor Hall. This building opened toward the end of last semester, meaning that I am a part of the first group of students to have classes there. Rayzor is now home to the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. It’s so fancy!

The Newly Opened Rayzor Hall

This next photo is to show you a more inside view of Rayzor. Look how much people love studying here!

Studying for Computer Science

So as you can see, TU loves to give its students the best of the best when it comes to resources to succeed.