What I’m Waiting For

It’s Emily here. I have reached the point in the semester at which there is a brief lull in the total insanity characteristic of my life. It’s at about this point every year when I just want this semester’s classes to be over, and I start checking the utulsa site every day in the hope that the new schedule of courses has been posted early (it officially becomes available October 17). I couldn’t tell you why thinking about swapping this semester’s classes for a whole new batch is always soothing somehow, but I can tell you that it probably has something to do with getting closer and closer to graduation.


In other news, I have a feeling not many seniors pick up new clubs and activities in their final year, but I’ve gotten involved in a couple of organizations I’m happy to have the opportunity to be part of. The Collegian, where I am a staff writer, has become an addiction, and it’s a ¬†great excuse to talk to really interesting people on campus who I may not have gotten to know otherwise. I’ve also gotten involved with Earth Matters, and the dedicated people who are part of the group are really working to make TU a more sustainable place. We’re starting a campus garden and holding a kickoff October 22. Hooray for fresh produce!