Admission Decisions

As you know, our office mailed out our Early Action admission decisions last week. They went out on November 22nd, and we have been getting phone calls and emails since then from excited students who are thrilled to have been admitted to The University of Tulsa. We love hearing how excited you are! I got this email from one of my students earlier in the week, and I just had to share it (I got her permission of course)!


I was SO EXCITED to receive an acceptance letter on Wednesday!

My dog and I sat on the stairs by the door anxiously waiting for the mail to come!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to become a part of the TU family!


Thanks for sharing, Lindsley! Congratulations to you and all of our other students who were admitted to TU under our Early Action policy! We can’t wait for you to join the TU family, either.

For those of you who haven’t finished your application yet, this could be you in a few weeks! Notifications of Rolling Admission decisions will begin right before winter break. So make sure your application is complete!


-Casey Reed


Today’s post is from Earl Johnson, Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services and Dean of Admission:

During this season of Thanksgiving, we often find many things to be thankful for. At The University of Tulsa, we have witnessed the growth of our campus facilities, a rise to 75th nationally in the U.S. News and World Report rankings, and most importantly we have seen unprecedented student success, academically and in the job market. The word is spreading about all of the wonderful things happening at TU, as evident by the number of students who submitted an application under our Early Action Plan. We are indeed thankful for your interest. Today, I have the pleasure of offering admission to a record number of Early Action applicants. The letters will be mailed today and I hope you will share the good news with family and friends as you gather for Thanksgiving. From the Golden Hurricane family at The University of Tulsa, congratulations to all of our students who have been granted admission under the Early Action Plan. I look forward to welcoming you to the TU class of 2016. Happy Thanksgiving!

-Earl Johnson

Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services and Dean of Admission