5 Things To Know When Considering TU

Katy 2Today’s blog post comes to us from Katy Riojas. a senior Mechanical Engineering major from Kansas City, Mo.

So if you are a prospective TU student, what do you need to know?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at TU and have learned so much in the last few years – some things I wish I would have known upon (or before) arrival. In typical engineering style, I have listed below what I consider five key points I think you should know before arriving on campus.

So many opportunities

As with anything in life, college is what you make it, and TU is no exception. The number and diversity of clubs, events, teams, and general activities for you to get involved with is incredible. In my last three years at TU, I have had the opportunity to be involved with the TU Women’s Soccer Team, Make a Difference Engineering, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Society, STEM-UP, The Little Light House, and much, much more. If you are motivated and have an interest, you can bet other people will help you make it happen. I have been able to perform undergraduate research as a freshman, play soccer throughout Europe, give a TEDx talk, obtain one internship in Pittsburgh, PA, and another in Tulsa- all through TU and the opportunities the university provides. TU sets you up for success and ensures you will succeed.

Katy 1

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The College Student’s Guide To Eating In Tulsa

Brittany JamesToday’s post is from Brittany J., a junior mechanical engineering major from Lee’s Summit, Mo.

NOTE: The following blog post will make you hungry

Wherever you go in life, you must be able to find the three fundamental Fs: Family, Friends, and Food. At The University of Tulsa, I’ve found my family in my sorority sisters, my friends through the various activities the university has to offer, and, of course, I have found a wide variety of food options. From free food on campus to delicious desserts and weekly traditions, there is always something delicious to eat around the city.

The week begins with Sunday, so that’s where we’ll start. The perfect Sunday place to be is The Brook. The Brook is the perfect place to go with your family before they leave after their weekend visit. The home-style food is sure to fill you up and ensure you have leftovers for the next day. My sisters and I love delving into a pile of their delicious homemade fries covered in cheese and all things delicious. Another fan favorite is the mac and cheese that can also be ordered as a side item accompanying many dinner plates.

Some people would say the best kind of food is free food. If that’s you, then TU is the place to be. With all of the different activities and clubs on campus, you can probably find free food for 90% of your meals throughout the week. Most Monday nights you can participate in $5 dinners and all of the proceeds go to charity. You get delicious, cheap food and get to feel good about yourself. Definitely a win-win situation.

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Before I Ring the Bell

08 27 2014 student activity fair EC226Today’s blog is from Mercedes Vega, a senior Education major from Surprise, Ariz.

As the new school year began, I had to finally accept reality and acknowledge that this is my senior year at The University of Tulsa.  I really wish I could tell you where all the time has gone between my first day as a freshman and my last first day of college, but it is a mystery. I have loved every moment at TU, and when I say that, I’m sure some may roll their eyes and think, “Here is yet another girl that says she loves her school, and she probably likes it just fine, but does she really love it?”  The answer to that is, YES, I LOVE my school.

TU became my home the moment I arrived on campus.  I have my favorite spots that will always be familiar, regardless of how much things change in my life or around the school. The steps of McFarlin Library are one of those spots. I find the steps to be the best place to read for class, watch the sunset, catch up with friends, and dream about the future.  In fact, after I got out of class on the first day this year, I marched right up those steps and started reading. I got to watch people walk by on their way to and from their first few classes of the semester. And I savored the moment.

There were many times during freshman year that my suite mates and I would do homework on the steps.  So much has changed in four years and yet the steps are my constant happy place.

There were many times during freshman year that my suite mates and I would do homework on the steps. So much has changed in four years and yet the steps are my constant happy place.

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