Springing into Action

With my second semester underway, I can already tell it is going to be great. I switched majors from Energy Management to Communications. Definitely a big switch, but I am loving the fact there will be no more math. I absolutely love my classes, and my favorite as of now is Writing for Public Relations. We are learning all about the PR world, and how to appropriately write for different purposes.
Last week, I was invited to a lunch for the American Society of Training and Development by a TU staff member. At this particular luncheon I was able to meet some of the leaders in the Training and Development field, and receive priceless advice. This is a prime example of how not only proffessors but all the faculty at The University of Tulsa care about their students.
One of the upcoming events I am personally looking forward to is a leadership conference called “TULE” that the University is hosting this Saturday. There we will learn about diversity, different leadership styles, and attend numerous workshops on different tools that will help us grow as tommorow’s leaders. As the Relay for Life team captain for Tri Delta, I am getting super pumped about it, even though it is all the way in April. The thought of being a part of something that is saving and changing lives is quite exhilerating.
This spring semester is off to a great start, and I am very excitited to see what I will learn, and how my love for the University will continue to grow.