Caution: Extreme awesomeness ahead

It’s Emily here. I won’t lie: this semester got off to a rough start. There really isn’t anything quite like getting strep twice in a row to zap your energy and excitement. But starting this week, I will (finally!) not be on an antibiotic. Plus, Thursday is my birthday! I LOVE birthdays. Things are really looking up.

On Wednesday, I’m going to see They Might be Giants at Cain’s. I’ve seen TMBG in concert before and they put on an energetic show packed with fan favorites. Yay!

Thursday is my birthday(!!). I wish I could get myself a kitty, but I’m going to have to continue yearning for a feline friend for a little bit longer. As soon as I move in to a pet-friendly place I am going to the shelter! I’m also going to try really hard not to buy myself every pair of shoes I want for my birthday. This is challenging. I have a (not so) secret, shameful addiction.

But seriously, can you blame me?

Saturday there will be brunch, which I think is a classy, under-21 friendly birthday celebration activity. Plus, Tulsa is brimming with awesome, reasonable brunch places. Seriously, when I lived in DC I missed the brunch here. It is that good. After brunch my boyfriend has promised to take me shooting, which is one of those when-in-Rome activities I have actually started to enjoy.

The brunch here is heaven.

Sunday is the Super Bowl, and while my beloved Steelers choked, at least I get to cheer for the hometown favorite Giants. I’m still a little sore about the Steelers loss, since I expected much better from them and just bought a Mendenhall jersey over winter break. Now I have to wait until next season to wear it again. Alas.

Monday my friend Nathan and I start training for the OKC Memorial half marathon. Running a marathon last semester was fun and all, but I’m looking forward to catching a few more z’s on Saturday morning. Nathan won my eternal devotion by naming his goldfish after enzymes (cpd photolyase and executioner caspase). On Monday I will also be going to the Polyphonic Spree concert at Cain’s(!).

I hope your week ahead is just as exciting! Here’s to getting back on track and making my last semester at TU one to remember!