Homecoming Festivities Bring the TU Family Together

Today’s blog post is from Katie Snyder, a junior Communication major from Des Moines, Iowa.

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Last week, we celebrated TU’s homecoming, one of the most active times of the year for student organizations and alumni. It is our chance to take a break from the stress of mid terms and have fun focusing on our pride for The University of Tulsa. Each residence hall, fraternity, sorority, and a number of independent organizations compete throughout the week for points, and the coveted prizes and bragging rights that come with being named Homecoming champs. This year, our theme was “Oklahomecoming.”

On Saturday night, the festivities began with the Kick-Off Party, where students got their 2015 Homecoming shirts and free food from local food trucks. Each event has attendance goals that organizations achieve points for meeting, but the events are also a lot of fun.

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On Sunday night, Student Association sponsored a “Hurricane Hypnotist” show, and students got the chance to get hypnotized or watch their friends. Whether you buy into hypnotism or not, the show was hilarious and a great start to the week.

Monday night was a competitive game of Capture the Flag, with a few twists. Hurricane flags were hidden all around campus, along with Tiger stuffed animals (because we played the Memphis Tigers for our Homecoming football game) and a stuffed animal version of our campus ambassador Goldie! My building was lucky enough to discover plush Goldie and earn five extra points for the hall.

Tuesday night was street painting, one of my favorite Homecoming traditions at TU. Sections of the street outside Chapman Stadium, the same street used for pre-game tailgating, are marked off and each organization claims a space. Groups work for weeks in advance on their designs, incorporating the year’s theme, the game day opponents, and Golden Hurricane pride. Hardesty’s Hall Government worked together on a concept for our space, and came up with a Route 66 Post Card. Along the road drives Goldie, passing a Memphis Tiger swept up in a golden hurricane of dust, Tulsa icons like the Golden Driller, and ending her voyage home at The University of Tulsa. Every group takes a different approach to the theme, and the street stays bright and painted throughout the next couple weeks.

We celebrated Homecoming with parents and family in attendance on Thursday night by lighting the huge annual bonfire. Even rain couldn’t stop the festivity, and the fire was lit and fireworks displayed despite the weather. The bonfire is a great photo opportunity for students, parents and friends with the bonfire flames, the fireworks and McFarlin library as a backdrop.

The culmination of the week is the football game. This year we played Memphis, and though the game was a loss, the energy in the stadium was so much fun. The game was broadcast live on ESPN, and the student section was filled with face painted, dressed up TU fans. Our team even made the number one spot on Sports Center’s Top 10 with a miraculous catch in the second quarter. We all cheered on the Golden Hurricane until the very end, and joined the team in singing the alma mater after.

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Homecoming is the best opportunity of the year to show our school spirit and celebrate all the things that make this place great. It is a time to come together as students, welcome family, and embrace TU traditions, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Not Just Another First Day

LaurenToday’s blog post comes to us from Lauren S., a 2015 TU graduate with degrees in Speech Pathology and Psychology. Lauren recently started her first year of law school at Harvard.

I’m sitting in a circular lecture hall surrounded by other new students who are all nervously opening their textbooks and reviewing their notes. I’ve certainly had a lot of first days of school (this is number eighteen to be exact), but this one is different. It’s a first day that I’ve been working toward my whole life and one that will shape my future career: this week I started at Harvard Law School.

It seems like yesterday that I was starting as a biochemistry major at The University of Tulsa. Part of the reason I chose TU was because of the excellent pre-med advising and research opportunities (spoiler alert: I didn’t graduate with a biochemistry major). It didn’t take long for me to realize that medicine wasn’t my best fit. Thus began a circuitous route through majors and classes, concentrations and advisors, culminating in liberal arts degrees. In hindsight, I wouldn’t trade my indecisiveness for anything; by allowing me to explore my options, TU gave me the opportunity to find what I’m truly passionate about – advocacy law.

Freshman year I accompanied my orientation group to the Student Association Activities Fair. One of the best ways to succeed in college is to get involved- and get involved early! TU has a student group for anything and everything you can imagine. Over my four years, I studied abroad in Italy, taught a second grader how to read, advocated for student health, mentored high school students, and played intramural flag football. And although my flag football career is over, the opportunities and interactions that I experienced at TU are what led me to law school.

So as you are beginning your journey to TU, I urge you to start with an open mind. In college, your ideas will be challenged and your interests expanded. Go out of your comfort zone and explore something new. Who knows, you just might find your future.

Real Friends Go The Extra Mile…Or 30!

Caleb-Lareau-for-web-300x199Today’s post comes to us from Caleb Lareau, a 2015 TU graduate with degrees in biochemistry and mathematics. Caleb will be attending Harvard University to pursue a doctorate in biostatistics.

After graduating from The University of Tulsa in May of 2015, I couldn’t help but tear up a bit. The places, the memories, the fun… My four years of college was truly unforgettable. But what was engrained in my mind the most were the relationships with some of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met.

Before coming to TU, I had no drive or ambition to compete in athletic contests. However, after spending time with some friends, a group of us decided to try our hand in a variety of distance races—marathons, triathlons, and the like. What’s amazing about the Tulsa student body is the collection of awesome individuals who find ways to push you to become a better you. My friends pushing me to become an endurance athlete opened my mind to a new “me.” So when I set out to try the hardest race of my life this past June—a 100-mile ultramarathon—I had to blame my friends for my “crazy” decision.


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