Time Flies

My oh my, this first semester is flying by. The weeks have been filled with tests, projects, and of course fun activities. Initition was last week and I am an official Tri-Delt. I am also super anxious because Thanksgiving is less than a month away, which means a visit back to home sweet home in Houston. I have to admit I am not necessarily homesick but college has made me realize how much I love my mama.
My classes are getting more and more enjoyable with fun projects to finish out the semester. I am currently working on a group math project, and I have been able to incorperate skills from my MIS class to make the presentation more professional. Also, making next semester’s schedule was definitely an experience. My advisors helped me out a lot due to me lacking in technological skills. I am looking foward to the new subject material, and the fact I can meet more people in my new classes. This summer I am looking into study abroad, maybe in Spain. That way I can finish out my language credits while being emersed in the culture.
Another aspect of the Fall I am so excited about is….BASKETBALL SEASON starting. The first game = free t-shirt!! This weekend Student Association is also hosting a Notre Dame vs. TU watch party in the football stadium. It will definitely be neat to be on the home field and support them at their away game.
At Will Rogers High School, we are trying to enstill more school spirit into the students. In order to do so we are encouraging TU students to go, and decorating the halls with spirit banners, and have posters made for the game.
Hope everyone enjoys the Fall Festivities :)