Campus Visitors

I love fall break. Well, let me clarify…I love high school fall break. TU students don’t get a fall break (they DO get the entire week of Thanksgiving off, which is even better, since most of our students come from out of state and have a long trip home and everyone could use an entire week off right before finals).

Some Prospective Student Visitors

Anyway, when high schools have fall break, it means that we have a TON of visitors on campus.

The fountain in front of Collins Hall

So things are pretty lively here in Collins Hall.

Most of our admission counselors are back in the office after all their fall travel to high schools and college fairs across the country, so they are thrilled to be here to meet with families who are visiting.  One admission counselor, Karen Chen, said she hadn’t spent a full day in the office since September 1st!

Lindsley, a prospective student, and Earl Johnson, Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services and Dean of Admission

Our University Ambassadors have been working overtime giving extra tours and taking students to lunch. What would we do without our great UAs? Have I mentioned that they don’t get paid? They just love TU!

Some of our University Ambassadors about to give a tour

A campus tour leaving Collins Hall

Since we didn’t offer an official visit program this week, most of our (hundreds) of visitors this week planned individual campus visits. Some of them came with friends, and many of the visitors brought their parents, but they all got individual itineraries planned for their own personal interests. I met with one student who was thrilled because her class visits solidified her interests in biology and pre-med, and another student who decided to change his major after he really connected with a professor in another engineering discipline. It is exciting to see students exploring their interests and figuring out how TU will help them become the people they want to be.

Students and Ambassadors eating lunch

Some schools have fall break next week. It looks like it will be another busy week for The Office of Admission! See you then.

-Casey Reed

Your Friendly TU Admission Counselor

Every student who expresses an interest in The University of Tulsa is assigned their own personal admission counselor, based on the high school the student attends. As Admission Counselors, it is our job to work with families during the entire college search process, from the first time you pick up a TU brochure until you enroll in your college classes. We offer information, read applications, and assist with scholarships and financial aid.

I think being an admission counselor might be one of the best jobs in the world. Each year, I have so much fun getting to know prospective students and their families as they go through the college search process, trying to find the university that is the best fit for them. Every spring I attend graduation and watch another group of students, who entered TU as teenagers, leave as men and women ready and able to change the world.

During the fall, our admission counselors hit the road and travel across the country to meet students. We go on high school visits, attend college fairs, and host information sessions so we can make sure students know about TU and all of our unique opportunities.

Do you know who your admission counselor is? Is TU coming to a place near you? Send an email to and tell us your name, grade, and which high school you attend. We will have your admission counselor contact you right away! He or she would be happy to answer any questions you have, schedule a campus visit, arrange an interview, or just say hello and thank you for your interest in our university. One of these  admission counselors is waiting to get to know you!

Another great way to get to know your admission counselor is through the applciation process. We try to reach out to all of our applicants in an effort to get to know each one personally. Visit to start your online application today! Don’t forget, November 1st is the Early Action deadline!

-Casey Reed