Westward Bound

It’s Emily here. Tomorrow I will take my place in the passenger seat of a rental SUV and make for the coast. My good friend (and ex-boyfriend) got a job in San Francisco and starts work on Monday. I volunteered to go along to make the 20+ hour trip a little less lonely, and to take in a landscape these eastern eyes have seldom seen.

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I’m just a tiny bit grouchy about this whole exciting undertaking for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t think I’ll be allowed to drive the car at all, since the rental car people don’t like that both my friend and I are under 25. How one 22 year old driving almost 2,000 miles alone is somehow safer than splitting that driving with a 21 year old is baffling. I happen to be a champion at long-distance driving. I once drove for 6 hours without stopping. I’m going to go nuts in the passenger seat, so if I post a batty entry from someplace in the southwest, you now know why.

My dungeon:

The other reason: I failed to acquire the requisite cowboy hat, so now all of my picture from the road are going to be just a bit less awesome than they would have been otherwise. Sorry.

Despite my banishment to the right side of the vehicle, I’m looking forward to this trip. The last several days of packing and preparing (did I mention that this friend/ex is also my roommate? Do not recommend.) have been stressful, but tomorrow night I’ll be in Albuquerque. Hooray for cities with two Q’s! By Friday I’ll be in San Francisco, where the daily highs are in the 60s and vegan options abound. I also plan to listen to The Disappearing Spoon audiobook. It’s basically a collection of true stories centered around the periodic table.


I also plan to get a jump on reading for the semester, mostly because I’m a huge dork (I’m sure you’re all totally stunned by this).

And now I need to pack.