We’re off with a bang!

Another school year, another wave of new students comes pouring into TU and I am among them. I packed everything up and drove 16 hours to get to the place I knew I belonged. I knew TU was the place to be after I visited for Tulsa Time in the spring and I came here to study elementary education, I’m also in the Honors program so I live in Fisher West with some of these lovely people:

The girls are my roommates, the guys are across the hall, and this is what we do on our Friday nights. Among finding our inner child we also have a weekly movie night in our suite, adventures exploring the city, finding cupcake shops, going to hurricane Thursdays, and so many other events like football games! Who can miss a football game? The first football game I got to go on the field actually which was really cool! I decided to give rowing a shot even though I’ve never rowed in my life. So far it’s been totally worth it! Yay novice rowing!

After time with my rowing family I was ready to cheer on our boys with my suite family. You really have no excuse not to come to these games, it’s really so fun and you get a lovely set of uneven tan lines!

Kick off!

I was slightly worried I wouldn’t get along with all of the girls in my suite especially because I came to Oklahoma not knowing anyone else, but everyone I’ve met here is so great and I seriously don’t know what I would do without my girls!