Weekend Adventures

With hectic weeks my favorite part of the is the days we get to just relax! Especially when I get to do that with my suite mates! This past week we had midterms, papers, and half of the girls had commitments to take care of for their sororities, so we planned a Sunday to recover from all of life. Sunday morning brought a great church service and then we went to Olive Garden for lunch! Seriously who can resist those bread sticks? One of the worst decisions we made was to go to Petsmart because they had puppies and kittens and we had to truly remind ourselves that trying to take one of the rescue dogs to our suite was not the best idea.

I mean I really don’t think my RA will notice if we just have one of these cute things in the room! If they had a problem they would come over, fall in love with them like we did, and problem solved! Can you tell we miss our dogs at home? After we had to part with these guys, we went shopping and got stuck at the dollar bins at target which led to decorations for our room!

This door makes me so happy and it just makes me excited until it’s Christmas! Also on Sunday we saw Pitch Perfect, so between good food, amazing friends, darling puppies, fun decorations, and so many laughs from that movie it was a wonderful day!

On a side note it makes me so happy to walk around such a gorgeous campus! I really can’t get over how pretty it is around here! It’s good to be a TU student!