We love our Seniors

Entering week four of the spring semester now. Even though I have been spending a lot of time studying for exams and writing papers, life is good. I’ve been reminded a lot lately that graduation is just around the corner for our seniors. Prep for Student Association’s Graduation Party that honors and celebrates TU graduates this May is under way and I have the privilege of working on this project. In addition to Grad Party festivities, I am also planning Senior Week for my sorority. I am particularly excited for the seniors to give their Tulsa and sorority t-shirts away to us that week. I love t-shirts, especially when they’re free! It’s so awesome that as a Freshman I have multiple opportunities to acknowledge the achievement of some of the best role models on campus. It is clear to me that they love Tulsa and will be sad to leave this spring.

In the mean time I am focused on staying involved on campus (Presbyterian Leaders and Scholars, Greek Life, and Student Association) and staying on top of my school work! When my senior year arrives I plan on looking back and knowing I made the right college choice (woot woot TU!), I made the most of my time, I made lasting friendships, and I set a good example for underclassmen.