Victory Lap

Work it

This is how excited I am to graduate!

It’s Emily here.

This week marks the beginning of the last semester of my senior year, and I am counting down the days until graduation. Last semester, a combination of class, my internship, and writing for the Collegian put a damper on the frequency of my blog posts. This semester is just as crowded (and the job search is piling additional items onto my list of things to do), but I still plan to be more consistent.

I’m planning to make some other changes this semester:

    • My boyfriend and I have started cooking on a more regular basis. We trade off days and basically cook the cheapest meals we possibly can while using minimally processed foods. Some of my posts will probably include our creations.
    • I’m going to try to go to more events on campus. The biology department is in the process of hiring a new faculty member and is hosting talks given by the applicants. I like to think of these as auditions, and they’re a fun way to learn a little bit more about topics that come up in class (and some that don’t).
    • I’m going to get out more. And by out, I mean off campus, maybe even out of Tulsa. Last weekend I went to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville and it was amazing. I’m doing a story on my visit for the Collegian this week! I also want to get down to some of the museums in OKC.
    • I’m going to lift weights. Any ability I once had to do a proper pushup has basically evaporated. It’s embarrassing.

See this girl? I want her arms

I hope you guys also have great goals for the year. For those of you about to graduate from high school, this is the year you will start college!

I obsessed with Laura Marling lately (Mumford and Sons got their start as her backup band), so I leave you with her incredible voice: