The joy of break is slowly fading, due to the stress of finals approaching. Going home to Houston for a week was much needed, and seeing my family and dogs were great. I always have a good time cooking the turkey for my family, and I owe my brother fudge this Christmas since I didn’t have time to make him any during this trip. Seeing old friends and teachers from high school was also a nice pick-me-up to help stay motivated as I returned to the reality of college. The couple of weeks ahead to finish out the semester are jammed packed with both fun and academic events.
Tri Delta is having our philanthropy event, all-you-can-eat pancakes basically throughout the night. The proceeds are for St. Jude, and the pancakes will be LEGIT. Preparing for the event has been memorable, including chalking the campus with my sisters in the what I think is freezing cold. Native of Houston, this weather has been outrageous. For proof to that previous statement, I went to class in 27 degrees this morning so getting out of bed was a struggle. Not yet sure how I will handle these ice storms people speak of!
Organizations are hosting their Christmas parties, and one I am especially looking forward to is bowling with TEMSA. Also, Tri Delt formal is quickly approaching, yet I am no way near ready for it to happen. Campus is buzzing with holiday cheer, especially on the “U,” considering Christmas lights are wrapped around every tree branch, and on buildings in TU Blue. Every night I walk back I put something else on my holiday to-do list during break, including gingerbread house making, sleep, sleep, and more sleep.