Tuesday with Tulsa: TU Treks

Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa post comes to us from Corey H., the former president of TU Treks, a student organization on campus.

Hello Prospective Students!

My name is Corey H., and I am a sophomore Petroleum Engineering student here at Tulsa! I am also the former President of TU Treks, the outdoor adventure group on campus. I am going abroad this semester, so we elected a new president for spring. We  had a fun fall, and I want to encourage you to check us out if you do decide to come to TU. Here’s our fall semester in a nut shell.

As the outdoor adventure group on campus, you may think we like camping. You’re wrong. We LOVE camping. To kick off the semester, we started with a combo camping/kayaking trip. We went to Tahlequah, OK to kayak the Illinois river. It was a lot of fun, but with some spills.

We also had a paintballing event, with great success! We played capture the flag, civil war, Alamo, and more.

We recently went camping at Greenleaf State park, where we Geocached, fished, and camped. 

We have also gone indoor rock climbing, twice! 

Overall, it has been a fun semester. TU Treks is school supported, meaning that all of these events were free! We are always looking to include new members, and your level of involvement is entirely up to you. You can plan the events with the executive council, attend meetings, or just come partake in the events! Come check us out when you arrive on campus, we look forward to Trekking with you!

Corey H