Three Things Thursday: How to Find Awesome Stuff to do in Tulsa Edition

It’s Emily here. Say you want to get a little culture, get to know the city, or just escape the TU bubble for a while. What’s a girl in need of diversion to do? Easy. Just check out these three things.

  1. Sign up for listservs (e-mail lists, for the uninitiated). The University’s own CE Moderator is a great source of information about upcoming opportunities to volunteer, events on campus (including lectures, which can be incredibly great), and discounted tickets to shows at the Performing Arts Center. To sign up, click this link, or wander through the morass that is our University’s web site. Your choice. Under Open Lists, scroll down to current-events. That’s it! Other lists that may prove useful to you are the one sent out by the Circle Cinema, which features $2 Tuesdays for TU students and BookSmart Tulsa, which hosts really great events with authors of all stripes.
  2. Read Tulsa blogs. Tasha Does Tulsa is a great one. The site features an insider’s guide, and every Friday Tasha publishes a new list of “Things to do in Tulsa this Weekend.” I wish we had the equivalent of Free in DC here, but alas. The OK Policy Blog is a solid source of information for the politically minded and gives information about upcoming lectures and forums.
  3. Pick up Urban Tulsa. It’s free. It’s ubiquitous. It lists almost everything that is happening in a given week, and the current music columnist is pretty much spot-on. Ignore the horrendous editorials in the front of the paper and the questionable quality of the writing and copy editing throughout and get thee to the event listings. The feature stories also tend to be decent, and often focus on the biggest upcoming events.

Now go forth and impress your friends with your exhaustive knowledge of cultural events in Tulsa. From gallery openings to film festivals to roller derby, there’s much more to living in Tulsa than going to class. Enjoy it!