The Beginning of the End

Woah…this is the end of my junior year. I’ve only got one final left between me and summer, and then it’s on to my senior year here at TU. I’m definitely not ready to think about graduating and leaving my friends…I can’t believe I only have 9 months left to spend with them before we all head our separate ways. It’s definitely starting to hit me hard. The time has flown by so fast! In addition to having to think about the friends that I have in my own class that I only have one short school year left with, I have to think about all of my friends who are graduating in FIVE DAYS. I think that’s what’s getting me the most…TU is such a close-knit campus that I have made so many friends that are both older and younger than me, and it’s sad to see the seniors go. They have taught me so much on this campus, and each and every one of them has touched my life in one way or another. They are all moving on to such amazing things, but I’ll still miss them when they’re gone! The campus certainly won’t be the same without them, but I’m excited to reach my senior year and leave my own mark on this campus before I leave. It’ll be the class of 2012’s time to shine, and I think we’re definitely ready for the challenge! =) Until then I look forward to graduation and celebrating those who are leaving, and I can’t wait for a few weeks of break at home in St. Louis before I head back here to do some research for the TURC program this summer. The 2011-2012 school year promises to be an eventful one, and I can’t wait!