Summer Music in Tulsa

imagesWhen I think of summer, I think of sunshine, friends, and some great music.  Tulsa has been able to provide just that over the last couple of months! There are a ton of really cool venues around downtown Tulsa, and in June I was able to go to the Vanguard for the first time.  Semi-Precious Weapons was playing and it was a low-dough show which meant the first 100 tickets let in two people for the price of one.  SPW opened for Panic! At The Disco at TU’s Springfest event this past April.

What I loved most about the Vanguard was that it is a really intimate setting.  On its website they describe the venue perfectly, “The word Vanguard means to be in front on the edge and that’s what you’ll find here. Bands, DJ’s and everything in between that are at the forefront of today’s music scene. Artists that are on their way up and great independent artists that like playing intimate venues. This is the place you can catch the next big thing, before they’re so big you can’t get a seat within 200 yards.”


The Vanguard is located in the Brady District and is close to both the Brady Theatre and Cain’s Ballroom.

The band that opened for Semi-Precious Weapons was called La Lune. They are an indie/pop/rock group and attend Riverfield Country Day School here in Tulsa. That was a cool experience because a lot of the people going to the show knew La Lune personally.


While we were listening to SPW, I felt like we were in someone’s living room.  It was great music and such a wonderful atmosphere.



During the concert one girl in the crowd yelled to Justin, a band member, and asked if he would take a picture on her phone.  After telling her that she should really wait until they got through more than one song before asking them to do anything else, he said that after the show he would take pictures with everyone in the audience.  Since it was a smaller venue that promise was actuallykept so we got to all meet him after the show and he took a picture with every single person there which was amazing.


 One concert is great and all, but what if you wanted more music? Tulsa has that too! This past weekend was the Center of the Universe Festival.  In case you are not familiar with Tulsa, we are home to the center of the universe which is known for being an acoustic anomaly because when you make a sound at the center of the circle it echos back louder. The festival was a two-day event and had over 110 bands with multiple venues around downtown Tulsa. These venues included stages outside, as well as clubs and places like the Vanguard.  There was also an insane amount of food trucks that lined the streets in between each venue. The main stage was on Main Street, which is fitting, and right next to Cain’s Ballroom.








Looking back towards downtown from the main stage.

My younger sister came down to Tulsa for some quality time with me, but mainly for the music.


 Of those 110 bands, the headliners on the main stage were:


Twenty One Pilots


They played on top of the audience. I mean how awesome is that?


Fitz and the Tantrums



Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids

Capital Cities

Capital Cities

and last but certainly not least;

Young the Giant

Young the Giant


b15In between all the action by the main stage we were able to check out what was going on at Guthrie Green. We got to see Greensky Bluegrass and it was definitely a nice break to get to sit on the grass and enjoy some great music with Josh’s Sno Cones in hand.  On the lawn was a group of hula hoopers and they let us all hula hoop as the sun set.  They would do a bunch of tricks with the hoops, but my roommate and I just stuck to the standard forms of hula hooping.


It was an amazing weekend, but of course you couldn’t possibly make it to all 110 bands. I missed La Lune playing at Chimera among other groups, but I enjoyed every group I got to see. The atmosphere was amazing, and I am already excited to see what they do for the festival next year.  It was also this weekend that Twenty One Pilots announced they would be coming to Cain’s Ballroom in September.  My roommate and I immediately bought tickets for that and in just a few months I can cross “going to Cain’s” off of my Tulsa bucket list.  Tulsa my not be the biggest city, but we sure do know how to have big music festivals.Just one of the many reasons I fall in love with the city the longer I study at TU!