Springtime on Campus

Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post comes to us from Lizzie R., a communications major from Little Rock, Ark. 

When I started writing this post, my goal was to write about my favorite TU tradition. What I quickly learned is that I don’t have one. I have a favorite season!

The warm, bright and colorful months of SPRING are what I love most! I am so grateful to live on such an amazing and exuberant campus that is always full of energy. But during the gorgeous spring weather Tulsa’s features really shine. And the events that take place on campus once the temperature warms up make spring worth waiting for.

While fall brings with it football games and tailgating, spring competes by throwing together concerts, fairs and fountains. Something we get to enjoy here at TU is SpringFest, an event that our Student Association puts together. Every year, SA hosts this week-long series of events by which students enjoy endless fun, copious amounts of food (the best), and the chance to win prizes! Last year, the theme was Disney and we got to enjoy such things as a Cinderella-inspired horse-drawn carriage ride paired with free snowcones from Josh’s Sno Cones. Also, we got to see Imagine Dragons free of charge for a personal concert. Talk about the best school this side of the Mississippi!

Another wonderful thing about TU in the spring is the fountains. If you didn’t know, here at Tulsa students are allowed to run through, play and get soaked in the fountains on what we call the “U”. So in the nice, warm months of April and May, students are always playing frisbee or cooling off after a campus run. I love running by them to watch dogs and kids from the neighborhood playing in water! Everyone from around the TU neighborhood is welcome to come on campus and enjoy the nice weather so it’s a good way to feel more connected to Tulsa.

Basically, despite many students having a favorite tradition or at TU, I just truly love the spring in Tulsa. I love to enjoy the weather and the outdoor life with my friends, as well as attend all the events taking place! If you can, come to visit us in the spring! I hope you love it as much as I do!


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