Spring Break!

Best week EVER, and I’m definitely not quite ready to readjust back to school mode. I went to Panama City Beach with my pledge class in my sorority, and we had the best time! We spent plenty of time on the beach, ate at some amazing restaurants, and found a few other TU students who were down there at the same time and hung out with them a lot! It was an amazing trip, and coming back to Tulsa was so hard. I’m excited to be back and finish the semester, though–there’s a ton of fun stuff coming up like Springfest and a bunch of fraternity and sorority philanthropy weeks. It will be really fun!

The ride to and from Florida (all 17 hours total both ways) was pretty uneventful, but I sure have a story to tell today! We drove from Panama City Beach to Fort Smith, Arkansas yesterday and stayed in Fort Smith at the house of one of my pledge sisters who came on the trip with us overnight to break up the drive. On our drive from Fort Smith to Tulsa today (a whopping two hours), we got a flat tire, a leak in another tire, AND our cartop carrier came unzipped and our stuff flew all over the interstate! We were able to pull over and retrieve it all–thankfully all of the cars and trucks were able to change lanes to avoid hitting any of it. I definitely never thought I’d spend my Sunday afternoon dodging semis on the highway, though! It’s definitely a story that I’ll have to tell my kids one day…followed by a nice warning that they should do as I say, not as a do. It was an experience for sure, and I’m glad that everything turned out OK. Now I’m settled back in Tulsa, unpacked, and back to the grind. I’m excited to be back on campus, and ready for the nice weather that we’ll have this week! It will be just as beautiful as the weather in Florida, which will definitely make the transition easier! =)