Semester two, for the WIN!

Alright, first semester down. I’ve heard people say that the first semester is the hardest. And then I’ve heard others say that it just keeps getting harder as you go. So! My opinion so far? I love college! :)

Wrap up of last semester: I really enjoyed my first semester at TU. One thing that I think helped me enjoy it so much and really feel like Tulsa is home was my involvement in different activities. Whether academic, social, or community-oriented, there are tons of things to get involved in, whatever your interests and major.

Plan for semester two: Well, seeing as I had very few regrets in semester one, my plan is to do about the same things that I did last semester: study lots, invest in the community, try new things, and HAVE FUN!

With a successful first semester behind me and an equally promising second semester in front, I would like to leave you with a very cliche saying: Time flies when you’re having fun. Although I’ve been at TU for a whole semester, I still feel like I just got here. I can’t believe that I’ve completed my entire first semester! So, whether you’re in high school or anywhere else, enjoy where you are. College will come soon enough, graduation, job, life. Live where you are, enjoy everything you can. :)