Hello everyone, I’m Aaron. It’s a pleasure for you to meet me. Not trying to be conceited or anything, only honest, because I’d be lying if I said I was pleased to meet you, as the nature of blogs presents a rather one-sided conversation that prevents me from actually knowing anything at all about the reader of this post. Instead, I’m forced to talk solely about myself and my experiences, something which I would normally rather avoid. Be that as it may, I’m thrilled to be able to share my thoughts/happenings/comments on life here at TU, specifically from the point-of-view of a student-athlete (and occasional nighttime musician).  I’m flattered if you made it through this opening paragraph without scrolling down the page to look at someone else’s, so I shall do my best to keep this as lively and whimsical as is possible without losing my (vice-like) grip on what relevant, helpful information I’m trying to convey. Wish me luck.

Seeing as how I’ve never written for the TU student bloggers (or really any blog) before—in fact I can’t recall ever writing anything longer than my brief (but extremely sincere and from-the-heart) “thank you” notes to relatives and relations after Christmas/my birthday—I figure it’d be best for all of us if I just took a short 30 seconds of your time and 20 minutes of my time to properly introduce myself. Like I already said, my name’s Aaron. (I figure it’s important enough to merit repeating.) I hail from Kansas City, Kansas (Lenexa, if you want to be specific), I love using parenthesis (love!), I’m a second semester freshmen, and I run cross country/track here for Tulsa. I particularly enjoy the taste of refrigerated chocolate milk, and I’ve played the piano for approximately 11 years and three months (plus or minus eight days). I generally enjoy reading and writing (yeah…that part about the thank you notes was a lie…sorry) and I have zero pets. I speak English proficiently (or at least I’d like to think so), Spanish un poco, and have about 23 other languages currently on my Wish List. In my spare time, I study Chemical Engineering at TU’s picturesque library. (Seriously, it’s very picturesque: I’d wager an estimate that 96% of all TU paraphernalia involving photos has the mammoth stone library somewhere within its boundaries.) When the library’s closed, which isn’t actually all that often, my dorm room is always kind enough to offer itself as a comfortable working space. Sometimes it’s a little bit too comfortable, however. I’d advise against the “Oh I’ll just lay down and read this book from my bed” approach. Studies have shown that it is historically not a very effective method of studying. My own personal studies have confirmed this. I think that’ll about do it for the introductions, and I think that’ll also about do it for this post. The semester has just started, and it already carries with it a whirlwind of promise. I’m looking forward to keeping you (pl.) updated as this year transpires!

P.S. While I’m getting started on this whole blogging thing a bit late (one semester to be exact), I figured you might want to know all about my first semester of college! But unfortunately, I don’t have the time, energy, motivation, and/or a large enough character limit to tell you all about those five-ish months. So instead, allow me to sum it all up in the form of some life advice for the average college student: speak softly, sing softlier (else people look at you weird), carry a big backpack, and love your dorm neighbors as yourself.