Rush…It’s For Everyone



Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post comes to us from Sam B., a petroleum engineering major from Tulsa, OK.

Rush…All right, you have heard the stories, even seen the posts, pictures and videos, but you’re still not sure about Greek life. In my opinion, Greek life is a wonderful thing at TU. But it’s not for everyone. You know what is for everyone? Rush! Rush is for everyone even if they are 100% sure that there is no way, no how, they are going to join a house!

Okay. Rush has zero drawbacks. And I mean absolutely zero, zip, nada, not a single one, NO DRAWBACKS! Still don’t believe me? Let me ask you two questions: Are you human? Are you a male human? If you answered yes to both questions, then Rush is for you! Here’s why. As a male, you meet the only requirement for Rush. As a human, you require food! You know what makes food the best? When it’s free! That’s right, come one, come all, free food for 3 days. Let me say that again, 3. Days. Of. Free. Food. And it’s good food too, wings, burgers, taco trucks and more… what more could you want? Well, it gets better gents, because what else do humans love? Friends! We homo-sapiens are big fans of acquaintances, associates and colleagues! A common misconception about Rush is that it is all about finding a house! Well let me set the record straight. Rush is about finding friends, specifically, a group of guys you like that also like you! Whether you join a house or not, for those three days, you are meeting tons and tons of new people, making friends and fostering relationships! And can you honestly say that all of that doesn’t sound totally awesome?!

So, men, here is the bottom line about Rush: The absolute worst-case scenario for Rush is that 1) You stuff your face for three days with amazing food; 2) You meet a ton of new people and make a few friends here and there; 3) You think, “I don’t think Greek life is for me, but that’s okay because I just made a ton of new buddies!”

Well, friends, it’s been fun. I hope I see all of you at orientation (I am an Orientation Leader, forgot to mention that) this year. I also hope to see everyone going through Rush! Go Hurricane!