Return to a Different World

Ahh, being off of school: no more homework, no more tests, no more Tulsa. As a reminder, I am from a little town in Southeastern Oklahoma about three hours away form Tulsa called Durant. I’ve always wondered how different it would be to go home from college. I have been fairly involved in clubs and things at TU and as a result did not go home much this semester. Christmas break is my first time to be home in a while and definitely the first time to be home for so long (we get a whole month off of school!). Obviously going home is completely different for different people with different families, but let me share some of the differences that I have experienced from this going back to my family.

First, and possibly the most obvious, is the presence of rules. However, my parents and I get along pretty well and we had a talk about curfew and other such rules before it became a problem. So while I did still have a curfew and got to run all the errands EVER, these were not really a problem for me. But for sure different from college!

Another thing that is pleasantly different is the FOOD! While the food at college isn’t the worst ever…. =/ it will never compare to the delicious food cooked by your own mom. :)

Lastly is just getting to be around your family. :) I’ve missed them a lot and it has been great to spend time with them over this break. However, I do miss my campus and friends at TU! But the break’ll be over soon and return to the world of college we will. :)